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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Instant Messaged my Father

My father lives in Florida, I live in Indiana. Since the internet has become so popular, my father and I chat most days. I have found that the use of the internet is quite something. All the information at your finger tips.

We chat mostly during the day, while he is at work and I am working on this website. Today was a day of chatting, remembering the good old days. Back when we took trips in his X-19 car. (a little sports car that he rebuilt) It was a really cool little car. The top came off so that you could enjoy the sun as you drove. While we was on one of our trips, I saw another X-19 and went up and talked to the owner and asked where his top was. He opened the trunk, which was in the front, and the engine in the back. He showed me where the top was, how it was placed and how to hook it in. I ran very excited to my father and showed him how it was supposed to fit. We did it, and from that day on, we mostly drove with the top out. My Father sold the car, which I wasn't a happy camper over. But hey it was his.

He now tells me that he owns a Model A. I can not wait to get there and drive that around.

I remember years back, my grandfather built a Model T ford. He built it from the ground up. It was sharp when he was done with it. He told me if I could start it, I could drive it. Well it doesn't have a key, its got a crank in the front and a foot starter. Well I cranked it and got in and it started right up. I was able to drive it for a long time. I was really a happy camper then. Cause how many can really say they drove a Model T these days?

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