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Friday, May 2, 2008

Texas Holdem Poker Night

Getting ready for poker night is not an easy thing. I have to make sure the yard is mowed, the cat litter is clean, house is clean from top to bottom, and go to work.

I called Mike - he owns four 4plexes, I work for him part time, doing odd jobs.

I never knew that a person would leave so much stuff behind. But so far, I have had to clean out 3 apartments. and all three of them was at least a truck load to the dump. This last one that I did, had a dog's foot prints inside the refrigerator.
Mike said that I need to paint a floor for him. So I met up with him at the apartment. I asked him why he painted them? He said it was cheaper than putting carpet down after 2 people lived in them. The paint only needed touched up every time.

I noticed when I was out that gas prices are up again. $3.75 for the cheap grade.

When I got home I started cleaning and getting ready for the night.

I been calling all my friends for over a month now, and told them about poker at my house every Friday night. Some show up some night and other show up on other nights. We have been having between three and eight players. Tonight I won 2nd place. I paid back my buy in money. So I broke even.

Watched a movie and fell asleep.

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