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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Revolver Maps

I am sure by now, you have seen the 3d world globe on my site. This has to be the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. When I first saw it on Stephens site, I was like cool, got to have it. But I really didn't spend time looking at all the features. It was just a new toy for my site.

Now that its been on my site since July 19th. I have been playing with it. If you click on the arrow keys, it will take you to their site. (or click on the map above) That shows you in text on the right who has recently visited your site. But the coolest part of it, is the map, that allows you to interact with it. Just put your mouse pointer over one of the dots, and it tells you where they are from and what city and how many times they have visited.

Other features allows you to change the color of the dots, the color of the background, & the size of it. You get to choose the 2d style that here in this post or the 3d globe. There are many maps to choose from too. I tried for a while using the red dots, but did not like them, I went back to the site and changed the color of my dots, they have a update setting, that gets all the information from your site and this allows you to change one thing or the whole thing. Then all you have to do is copy the code and paste it on your site.

I give this site 5 Gold Stars!


Larry Ohio said...

Cool Allen, thanks.

Allen said...

@ Larry - You are welcome. =o)

Anonymous said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing the link. I've loved the globe since joining your blog. I want to add it to mine.

Allen said...

@ Michael - I am happy that I could help you.

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