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Monday, July 7, 2008

Very Long Weekend - The Weather was Increadible

July 3rd

This was a very long weekend. We left on Thursday night and had a 2 1/2 hour drive to Lake Shaffer. The trip there was quiet, I don't even remember any cops on the road all the way there. We went up I-65 to Brookstone and then it was country roads the rest of the way.

Once there, we started unloading the Jeep. I cannot believe how much stuff you can pack in a Jeep. We stayed in a cabin, it had 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and a screened in porch.

The cabin had to be cleaned, the owner said he had not opened it this year. We had to vacuum the carpet, put clean sheets on all the beds, clean all the cob webs down and open it up.

When everyone got there, we fixed dinner, hamburgers and hot dogs. We all sat around the rest of the night just talking. Or that is the way it started. Someone I don't remember who, but they said frizbee. So we 6 of us was up playing frizbee until 4am. The neighbors were close, and we hit their cabin a couple of times. One of the guys yelled out the window that we sucked at playing frizbee.

July 4th

This was the first day in a very long time that I slept in. It was almost 1pm when I got up. Some were still in bed, others was fixing coffee and preparing breakfast. After breakfast was finished and all the dishes was cleaned we all headed to the lake. The lake was a 1/2 of a city block from the cabin. It was still on the owners property. When we got to the lake, the owner of the property, had built a deck on top of boat lift. So if your standing on the dock it was 7 feet in the air. The stairs leading up to it, was rocky, it swayed just a little, but not bad.
On top there was a table and chairs. You could see a long ways down the river/lake. It looked like a river, but it was part of the lake.
Here are a few pictures that I took. As you can see the sun was bright.

When we got back we went back to the lake, and up on the deck. We talked and played games the rest of the night.

When the night rolled around, we took off for Indiana Beach. Indiana Beach had a very nice fireworks display. The only thing I didn't like was the music playing. They played the same song over and over. Born in the USA. I sped up this video, cause of a family was cussing next to me.

When we got back we went back to the lake, and up on the deck. We talked and played games the rest of the night.

July 5th

When everyone got up and we all started moving around, we headed for the lake, 3 of us went to the top of the deck while the rest jumped into the lake. The weather was again beautiful, the sun was shinning and no humidity. The 3 that went to the deck, played scrabble, it was a tight game, I came in 3rd, but I figured that, I don't really like the game, I am not good with words and spelling. But I play so that I can learn.
After we was done with the game, it was hot, we 3 went and jumped into the lake as well. We had to go down to the dock to do so, the water is really sallow under the deck. 2' at most.
We all was in the water, we all splashed, and threw the frisbees around. No dunking happened thank god. We spent hours and hours in the lake.

After everyone got out, one of the guys, grabbed his towel and headed to the cabin, then another, and another. By the time I got my shower it was 9pm. 8 people had to shower, and the hot water heater was a little one. The water wasn't hot, but it was warm. When we was done with dinner, we headed back to the deck. We played a game of poker while the fireworks was still going off. These was from the east of us. I am not sure if it was just people shooting them off or a company.

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