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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Living with C.N.S.

Living with C.N.S.
(Cold Nature d Syndrome)

I have had this problem for years, as far back as I can remember. I get really strange looks, people point at me. Some just cannot believe it. I even had a guy just yesterday that asked "Is the weather turning cold?", pointing out side. I looked out the window and saw green grass, a bright sun shining day and it looked nice and warm. I looked back to him and replied "It hasn't warmed up yet". He said its 70 degrees out there.

70 degrees for most is warm or even hot, but with me its still cold. I have found out that warm to me is at least 75 degrees. Hot is about 95 degrees. I don't normally start sweating until 100 degrees. If I am in the desert, then 120 degrees is hot.

I know that there are only a few of us that has it. There are more that don't have this problem. A problem that is to complex even for the brightest doctor. They can not figure out how to solve the problem.

Let me tell you a normal day out with 70 degree weather and sunshine.

I am wearing flannel pj bottoms, black jeans to absorb the heat, thick pair of black socks, a black T-shirt, a sweater on top of that, and a winter jacket. All this just to step out of the house. In my coat pockets are gloves and knitted hat. (just in case)

All my friends has gotten used to my way of dressing. I am not popular on fashion. I used to care what people thought, but now I just don't care.

If I go out with my friends, I have to wear all the above, just to make the car ride comfortable. They crank the A/C on high. If they roll the windows down, it has the same effect on me. A cold breeze. No matter I loose. If we go out to eat, or shopping. Same thing happens, every ones A/C is on full blast. I freeze. I actually have goose bumps in some of the cases.

I am here now typing this with a heating pad under my feet. The house has the a/c on. There have been a few times in the summer that I have to type with gloves on.

Sleeping is difficult, its either four blankets and a quilt, or its one blanket and a electric blanket. This is year round.

Winters are hard, here in Indiana, we get some snow but for the most part its how the house gets cold and stays cold. I tend to make a lot of fires in the fireplace. I normally get it to hot for most.

I take HOT baths, I never use cold water. Even if the water starts to cool off just a bit, I am running more hot water. I stay nice and warm for a few hours after the bath, but then I am back to being cold.

Well now you have an idea of what its like to live with C.N.S.

If you have any ideas - home remedies just use the contact feature on this site. I would love to hear from you.

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