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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mystery News - MoMo speaks out for the first time.

Did everyone see MoMo's post?
"Morris the Cat ;aka MoMo said...

I resent that... It's Elsie that often picks fights with me. All I need to do is walk near her, even to get to my own food and she starts her hissing and growling. Damn straight I used her litter box, she moved into my territory and my litter box sat right where hers is now. And by the way, I dont pee on the sides. The pee accidents are my sister Twiggy. She gets so wigged out when I try to have a lil fun with Elsie that she pee's on MaMa's bed. Then we all get yelled at and hide. OOOOO here she comes back to the puter, gotta go..."

MoMo honey you miss spelled represent. So you are going to tell me you are not guilty? I feel sorry for Twiggy, if you make her pee the bed. You must be a wild cat. Shame on you. If I was there you would either shape up or ship out!

I do believe that Elsie told you to stay in your room, and she would go where she wanted. Is that to hard to figure out? As far as her potty area, your "Mama" should have moved yours about a month before she moved in, instead of that day.

Allen did tell me that he saw you, run and try to jump on Elise when she was sitting on Aunt Q.
When you did that, you made Elsie hurt her mama. So just stop picking on her, gezzzz.

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