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Monday, May 11, 2009

World of Warcraft - update #2

Blizzard sent me a temporary password. I decided to see how bad this person took me for. I signed on and when the main page came up most of my characters were naked. Stripped of everything. I knew then it was bad. I signed off. I was upset, but I am taking it better now. At about 2am this morning, I decided I would play one of my characters that still had some armor left. When I signed Ec on he had tons of mining ore and gems. I knew that I didn't do that, I know for a fact what I had in his bags and it was not that. The main item was Saronite Ore.

I figured that I could do some dungeons with friends, I would not get anything, but that was ok. I just wanted to play.

At 2:43 am I recieved a whisper. It said:
[Brahzjr]: hi?
(This put up a red flag with me, I have never spoken to this person. And the question mark itself said more. It is asking if this is the crook.)

[Ec]: what?

[Brahzjr]: [Saronite Ore]?

[Ec]: What about it? (he never replied back)

I bet this is an accomplice. I then took screen shots of the conversation and of my bags with all the ore in it, I emailed it to the investigation department. I am sure they need his name too.

At 3am he whispered me again. [Brahzjr]: Duel?

Talk about adding insult to injury. He knows my account was hacked. He knows most of all my armor was sold, and he knows what is in my bags.

I so wanted to scream at him. But instead I didn't do anything. I figure that I will let Blizzard talk to him or hopefully close down his account. I really hope they catch all that is involved and ban them all.

It is so frustrating. Cause I was trying to get my Mage up to level 80 this weekend. But instead this happened.


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