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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Painful Lesson Learned

Yesterday was just beautiful. 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine. I had the bright idea to mow the grass. Mowing the grass was a good idea, since the neighbors mowed theirs twice, to my once.

I tend to day dream when I mow. I had gotten used to driving my John Deere and day dreaming. It was pretty simple.

I learned that mowing a yard with a push mower, you have to be extra careful. Every time I got close to the ditch, I would stop day dreaming and pay attention. I did this process for about an hour. So now I am day dreaming, when all of a sudden my foot falls into a hole, my body went one way and the mower went the other, I am glad they put the emergency lever on mowers these days, because as soon as I let go the mower it shut off.

I opened my eyes to see the underside of tree branches, and green leaves. Then I looked around and sat up slowly, I looked down at my foot, and wondered how bad I had hurt it. I did the move it all around trick, pain went straight through my foot. I sat in the grass having my moment, you know, you are cussing yourself out for being dumb. I had to figure out how to get into the house. I sat on the ground for some time, before I figured out how to stand. It was hard to do and it was painful to do. I stood on one foot, pushed the mower a couple of feet and jumped, by the time I got to the shed, I was getting pretty good at it.

Once in the house the "mother hens" went into action. Getting ice for my foot, and something cold to drink. They even put the mower for me. Its great having such caring and loving room mates.



Rae said...

That is very scary. I hope you are doing okay. I agree mowing and dreaming do not go together.

Allen said...

@ Rae, Thanks - it was a hard lesson to learn.

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