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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aftermath of my flooded yard.

I reported in an earlier blog that my yard looked like a river. Here are the Aftermath pictures of my yard.

The force of this last flood, actually dug grooves in my yard.

That small drainage ditch was no match for all the water.


Rae said...

Wow. You really had a huge amount of water. My daughter lives in Indy and experienced a similar problem. Sorry I have't been around to comment. Blogger had me locked out for a while.
BTW I accidentally knocked you off of my blog roll. My mistake. You are back in your rightful place now.

Larry Ohio said...

It's very odd. I live due east from Indy about 100 miles. But we always seem to avoid the weather you get. It's freakish, really. We need rain, while you are busy getting flooded. Once again last night the rain that swept thru Indiana evaporated as it entered Ohio.

Allen said...

@ Rae - Glad to see you back. Thanks for putting me back on your blog roll.

@ Larry - I always thought that in the winter, like we hardly get snow anymore, but states around us get hit hard. Its weird. They say " stick around the weather will change, it is Indiana you know."

Joann said...

Hi Allen, WOW, looks like a big storm!! I LOVE a good thunderstorm... the louder the better for me, but I know that means big lightning close by, too. We don't get much of that good weather here in L.A. We may get maybe TWO light thunderstorms a year... and they may or may not bring a few drops of water.

I went back to check your entry about the flood, SCARY!!! A flood would probably scare me a little more, not used to those either. Pretty 'MacGyver' of you to figure out how to make that coffee without any electricity.... LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Allen said...

Joann, It was a big storm, it flooded Ky. From what I have read on

When we have a lot of rain, we tend to flood. Our driveway slopes down to the Patio, and drainage ditch, comes from the entire streets, we live right on the corner.

John said...

I'm glad the storm is over, but that flood sure left it's track didn't it!

Allen said...

@ John, It sure did.

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