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Monday, October 26, 2009

Food Poison

Sorry I haven't Posted in a couple of days. Kevin got food poison from Arby's. I tend to be a bed side nurse when things like that happen in the house.

At first we did not know what was wrong. He went from feeling normal to sick as a dog.

He was sick for over the past 3 days.

He is better now.



John said...

Thanks for the update and glad Kevin is feeling better. You are such a good friend to him.

Larry Ohio said...

I've always heard that Arby's Horsey Sauce was toxic waste. Could be true! Sorry for Kevin. Hope he's better now. Don't let him get dehydrated.

Sue said...

Gee, glad he's better.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, I'm sorry to hear he got sick from food at Arbys. I'm glad Kevin is feeling better now, food poisoning is not a fun way to be sick at all!

Pat said...

What a good friend you are. I've had food poisoning and it definitely isn't fun. Hope Kevin's feeling better soon.

Don't you start that new job this week?

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