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Friday, November 6, 2009


I woke up this morning to a beautiful site. The sun was rising in the east. The clouds are dancing in the sky.

Yesterday was the first day in a very long time, that I was not stressed. I had the day to myself. I did not have to be anywhere, I did not have to do anything. It was a nice day alone. (Kevin and Michael went shopping)

Yesterday brought up memories, of the move, getting a new license, getting tags, trying to find a job, getting a job, opening a bank account and then starting the job. I accomplished so much in the past 31 days.

Now where am I going? I think I am going to see about moving up the corporate ladder with Staples. I spoke with the GM during my interview and she told me she would help me anyway she could. I need to sit down with her and see what else I need to do to get that process started.

I asked the GM about my schedule for next week and she said its posted, and walked away with a customer. I did not understand what she meant by that so I asked my leader. He told me that every thing is online now. He gave me the web address. When I got home and signed up. I was amazed, everything you need to know is right at my finger tips. Like my schedule, direct deposit, insurance, and much more. I thought how cool is this.

Tomorrow & Sunday I am working on my own. I guess the GM is impressed with what I have already done. I thought I might get a bit more training, but I guess that is out for now. All the machines are pretty much the same as what I had a couple of years ago. The only difference is, the prices has since went up.

Have a great day,


Wonder Man said...

great news, the GM will learn that you are great addition

Pat said...

Sounds like your GM likes you, AND that you'll be a GM yourself in no time! You made the right decision to move there, I think!

Larry Ohio said...

I'm glad you're happy with your work. Hope you enjoy the nice Florida winter. Watch out for the snowbirds!

Lynda said...

I am glad you're having a great day today. It's always nice to have the house to yourself. That happens to me about half a day a week. Is Kevin still recuperating well?

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