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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Connecting with Old Friends

This week I have been connecting with old friends.

I first spoke with Paul N. Paul and I grew up together in the same neighborhood. Our Mothers were friends, therefore we were friends. Paul and I spent a lot of time together. We went to the same grade school, had the same friends etc. We have pretty much stayed in touch all these years. I was even in his Holy Union. He joined with Mike. I really like Mike, he is a super sweet man.

Julie E. connected with me on Facebook. She has gotten re-married. She said she is really happy. I am happy that she found the one true guy.

Michael connected with me via Email. Michael told me his family is doing good. His children are all growing up now. He said don't you feel old? I replyed no, I still look young. =o) I quite counting my birthdays. I mean if someone ask, I have to count it out.

(T) and I lived together, she told me that she had to have a foot operation and is trying to heal up, its slow with being diabetic. She said her and her partner are doing well. When we lived together, people often thought we were married. I learned a lot from her, mostly on my car. =o)

Shawna and I connected this week too. She is my step-brothers cousin. When we talk, I always ask "whats up cuzz?" She is a Staples Manager in Indiana, she said that her husband is on the night shift and they dont get to spend a lot of time together, but they are doing good. Their son is excited about Santa coming.

I am so happy to have connected with all these friends this week. It was nice to have had the chance to catch up.

Have a great day all,


Anonymous said...

friends, old or new are just the best;)


Lynda said...

There's just something about the holidays that gets us nostalgic about the past. There's comfort in memories and traditions and connecting with friends.

John said...

Facebook is so great to reconnect with old friends! I don't do any friend requests since the first dozen or so and am up to over 60. I just love it, when my old friends look me up!

Merry Christmas Allen! miss you! I feel like you were a lot closer than Indy before you moved LOL.

Pat said...

Connecting with friends is great, but it seems extra special around the holidays.

Hope you had a great holiday.

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