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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pat beat my HIGH SCORE, Thanks Alot!

Pat has for sometime now been telling me that she has beat my high score on SKY Blocks. I did not really think she did, cause I had a huge score. Well crap was I wrong. I have been trying to re-beat her score, but I am having trouble. I see where someone else beat her score so now I have to work extra hard to beat both of them. I decided to embed the game here as well.

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Anyone else want to try to beat our scores? Try it out and lets see.
Have fun everyone,


Anonymous said...

good luck friend;)

Lynda said...

You don't have to worry about me being any competition. I would rather read a book any day. However, 2 other family members LOVE the games.

Pat said...

Moi, alias, "Gypsywoman", must have been lucky THAT ONE TIME. It was a TOTAL FLUKE. I have YET to beat my OWN score! LOL!

Thank You ALLEN, for turning me into a video monster. I always wondered how people could spend so much time playing games. Well, now I know! Although I think the most I've played is an hour. Really. And that's only because my hand starts hurting me! LOL!

Tom Bailey said...

I used to draw with the guy that is one of the creators at Blizzard. You might be able to find a way to turn what you do into a business.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Allen said...

Steven, Thanks

Miss Lynda, have you read Lights out? Its an online book. Very cool!

Pat, Only an hour with that game? Really>? I still cannot believe you beat my score. I have tried since, to beat your score. But luck is not with me. =o)

Tom, Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I enjoy Blizzards games. Really into WoW right now. hehe

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