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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Prrrrfect Blog Award

I decided to give out my own award to my friends that I consider to have a Prrrrrfect Blog.

I have received several awards in the past and I thought it would be cool to create my own and pass it out.

The rules are simple, name the person, link their site, and tell us why their site is Prrrrfect. Pass this on to as many as you want or just keep it for yourself.

So here goes:

John with Johnabuzz has been one of my followers from the start of my blog. He has helped me through email communication and has turned out to be a good friend. He writes about several things including Gay equal rights, Politics, and every day life things. I enjoy reading his post.

Pat with A View from the Edge, her blog is all about her adventures living in a 5th wheel. She takes many pictures and gives you the feeling that you are right there next to her in her blog. Her writing skills, is well much better than mine.

Jo with Diary of a Sad Housewife, her blog is about her life. I enjoy reading her blogs, she tells you like it is and doesn't hold back for anyone. She is going through a ruff time now, but I believe she will come out a winner. Hugggggggggggggggggggs Jo!

Michael with Michael Rivers: The Blog, his blog has many things, Fashion, Food Reviews, Favorite Quotes and more. The food reviews always makes me hungry and I think I gain a few pounds just reading about it. =o)

Kyle with Out Left, his blog is about Film Reviews, News, Politics and more. His blog keeps me up to date, with everything that is going on in the world.

Larry with Patently Queer, his blog is about every day life. I enjoy reading about his weight loss and his life with his husband.

Lynda with LibraryLynn, MissLynda and I are email friends, her blog is about every day life. I enjoy reading about things that are going on in her neck of the world.


Jo said...

Awww--thank you, Allen! It's so nice to think SOMEONE thinks me 'prrrrrrfect'! ;)

I LOVE that you created this award yourself (it's all I can do to E-mail--and I still can't figure out how to link on my posts--ha!) and that you thought enough to pass it along to me (and the others; isn't Kyle's blog just tigger-ific??? I love it, too!).

You seriously need to come to California one of these days so we can have that cup of coffee! Or...go to 'Disneyland'. Same thing--both give you a buzz!

Much love, thanks and hugs right back to you.
'Diary Of A Sad Housewife'

Pat said...

Thanks, Allen, I appreciate the shout out and the award!

I'll check out the other ones you mentioned. I have to post all the awards I've received. It's getting crowded on my mantle! LOL!

Thanks again!

Lynda said...

That is so appropriate for me since we have FIVE cats in our home - - - -they were all strays. We don't intentionally collect them! I remember when our youngest was 3 or 4 and yet another feline had shown up on our doorstep. My husband said, "Do we have a sign in the yard that says, 'Strays welcome here.'?" Of course he was rhetorical in his speech. A few minutes later, here comes our baby girl and she said, "No, Daddy, there's no sign in our yard."

Larry Ohio said...

Woo hoo!!! Thanks for the shout out Allen. I'm going to pass it on!

Kyle Leach said...

Hi Allen, thank you so much for thinking of me and giving the shout out. I am deeply honored that you think so much of my blog. Thank you again. Now I'm off to hang my award! :)

John said...

Hey Allen, thank you so much! And I recognize that kitty, hehe! Yes, I did find your blog early on in my blog searches and have enjoyed it since! I read and love all those blogs you mentioned and read most of them as much as possible, and will certainly check out the ones I haven't noticed yet. I am TERRIBLE at these awards! I'm pretty sure it was Stephen that named me in one back in the Fall and I lost it! Attentive Aphorist gave me one too that I've yet to do and now you too! You all are too kind. I will try to do these soon, although I removed awards from my sidebar. I need to put a disclaimer on my blog that I will do the memes, but I won't choose a few to pass the awards on to. I don't want anyone that isn't named to think they weren't worthy. Thanks again!

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