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Thursday, December 10, 2009

This has been a long week.

I have been working every day since last Tuesday. I was supposed to have Tuesday of this week off, but one of the copy center people called off. So I ended up working on my day off. I am not sure if I am going to be working today or not. I haven't heard yet.

I am not complaining mind you. I do need the money so that I can catch up on my bills. But wow, am I tired. My feet and knees hurt.

I put my car back together. It doesn't look to bad. Just a couple of pieces are missing.

As you can see I put up my decorations. I put up my tree and lights just for you.

Happy Holidays,


Anonymous said...

Love the decorations! Very nice of you to do! Get some rest! :-)

Lynda said...

You are ahead of me with decorations. This may be the year I enjoy everyone else's! Every day and night this week has been covered up busy for us, too. So anything optional that is left to do at the end of the day gets cancelled so I can have time to sleep!!!

Anonymous said...

love the decorations, thanx;) get some rest my friend

John said...

Love the tree Allen! I hope you time to take a nice long hot bath for your aches and pains and some good sleep. Christmas will be over before we know it!

Wonder Man said...

thanks for the tree

Kyle Leach said...

Allen great decorations! Thanks for the tree. You need some rest, you seem to be working too hard. Anyway, happy holidays to you!

Pat said...

Nice tree! Your feet may hurt now, but think of that money rolling in from all the hours you've worked! Keep smiling!

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