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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend With My Father

I drove up to Brandon Florida, it was raining the entire way. The 4 hour trip up was pretty easy. I hardly used my windshield wipers, I put rain-X on the windshield the day before. So the rain just rolled off. I pulled into Emmaus Baptist College at 1:45pm. It was a bit chilly. Dad took me out for dinner, and we talked about the weather. Dad said he has never seen it get this cold and stay this cold.

We stayed in the College Dorm. It was a nice Dorm I might add. It was a 2 bedroom apartment. Dad asked what day is this. I said Saturday. Oh he said, I have got to watch my shows tonight.

We watched his shows and then went to bed. He said we have to get up at 6am. I asked why so early? He said we have to go to church in the morning. Well I knew that, but the service doesn't start until 9am. He said we are going to stop off for breakfast.

I woke up about 4am, freezing. My bed was right next to the window, and I could feel the cold coming through the window. I got my blankets and headed to the couch in the living room. I got all situated and just fell asleep to hear my father telling me to wake up. He asked what are you doing in here? I told him about the window and the cold air coming through. He asked why did you not just move the bed?

I really did not want to move the room around. It was not my room to move. He said tonight before bed, move it. I agreed.

We got ready for church and headed out the door. It was bitter cold. It was 25 degrees. The last time Florida seen this kind of weather was over 20 years ago. But the different was, it warmed back up. Not this time, it stayed pretty much cold all day.

We were driving to church and I saw these Strawberry farms, all the berries were frozen over.

I found out later that, the farmers do this so that they can try to keep their crops. I thought it was weird to see ice all over the place.

I have never seen it this bad in Florida. I mean I know that in the winter it gets cool, but this was just crazy.

On our way to the church, there was an accident, I assume it was from the ice being on the road.

We went to First Missionary Baptist Church in Auberndale, Florida.

Their church services are just weird. Church service is first and then they have Sunday School. Normally its the other way around. The service would have been good, except the pastor just had to through in the fact that the "homosexuals are trying to take over and how wrong we are". If I was just there visiting, I would have walked out or made a big scene. But since that is my fathers church, I respected him and did nothing.

After church was over we headed to my fathers house. It was about an half-hour away.

My Father and Mother built this house back in 1992. My mother passed away in 1999. My Father re-married and his wife is really a beautiful person to put up with him. hehe

She takes pride in this yard. She works in it all the time. What looks like statues are actually sheets, trying to protect the plant beneath them from the freezing weather.

She told me that I should have came last week, cause it was just beautiful.

My Father, Step-Mom and my Uncle went out to lunch to celebrate my birthday. They asked what I wanted. I told them, I wanted STEAK. We went to Golden Corral with all you can eat Steak. My Uncle bought my lunch. Once we were all done eating we headed back to the house to work on my brakes.

My dads neighbor and good friend stopped by and asked why we were outside working on the car. My step-mom had the garage full of plants and could not be moved. He suggest we use his garage to work on the car. We all agreed with him and moved into his garage. I am so happy that he allowed this. It was truly helpful, not to have to freeze and work on the brakes.

I jacked up the back end of the car, took off the tires. My father said now take off that cap and remove the nut. I did that with both sides. He showed me on one side how to do replace the brakes and check the drums. then he helped me with the other side. It took us about 3 hours to change every thing out. We had a problem finding the correct tools for the job. Once the tools were found it was easy.

Once both brakes were done. We jacked up the front end and changed the oil. So now my car has new back brakes and clean oil. I am glad that I got to learn that process.

My step mom invited us into the house. I have not been in the house since my mom passed away. I just stood there for the longest time. Looking and waiting for my mom to come around the corner. I could hear her talking, like in her bedroom. I miss her. My step-mom said I dont think he has seen it yet. (she was talking to my dad) I turned around to see a huge table with all kinds of treats on them. There in the middle of the table was a chocolate cake, with happy birthday wrote on it. I just smiled at her, and said thank you very much. My step-mom said come into the kitchen and sit down. She fixed us all home made chili. She gave us all a huge bowl. We all sat there eating and warming us up. After we finished up we ate the cake and had ice cream with it.

My father and I took off to go back to the dorm to spend the night. He had to be at the school the next morning. Once we were in the dorm, I went to my room and moved it around. I put the bed next to inside wall and the dresser next to the window. I slept like a baby.

Monday morning, my father go up and said I am off to school. He said come over when you are ready. I spent the day with him. Until one of his teacher call off and he had to go teach a few classes.

I left early this morning to head back home. I enjoyed my self so much. My father and I had a great visit.



Larry Ohio said...

I'm glad your trip was successful and you got your brakes fixed up and got to spend some time with your father. The cold temps are nuts! I can't understand this, but at one point it was colder in Florida than in Ohio. Brrr.

Kyle Leach said...

I'm glad you had a good trip and got to spend quality time with your dad. Happy you got your brakes fixed; that really needed to happen.

John said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Allen! I don't know how I missed it on Facebook. You're lucky getting to spend all that time with your Dad. Mine passed away, so I miss him like you miss your Mom. Life's just too short. Hope you make it back up to Tampa area soon. Make sure you go up "just for a visit" even if it's a quick one, and not wanting a thing except time with your Dad.

BTW, FT. Lauderdale especially has been on the news a lot for the lingering cold weather! Makes me think of ya every time I see it.

Lynda said...

What a GREAT update. I have been away from the computer a couple of days so was glad to see you back once I, too, returned. I had a good time shopping at Staples this week - - spent more than I should. I told you I couldn't go in there - - - unless I stick to my shopping list. Guess what - - - no list this time - - and I looked up and down every aisle - - good for Staples but not my checkbook. Praise God for your wonderful visit with family and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Pat said...

Sounds like you had a nice time with your Dad. Glad you got the brakes done. I heard that FLA was experiencing such cold weather! BRRR! That must have been hard to walk in your old house. I could feel your pain while reading the post. Sounds like your step-mom is really trying to be nice. That was nice of her to make the birthday cake and chili for you.

Happy Birthday!

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