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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guys Pants Have Dropped

I just dont understand the lawmakers we have these days. They are banning people that wear their pants down below their a$$. Why I ask you? I remember in the 80's telling my mom that I was not going to wear my pants up past my belly button.

Looking back through time, you can see in the past 90 years, guys pants have dropped. (see the graph below.)

<< look at this 1920 picture, look at the top of their pants. Its way up there. can you imangine trying to get out of those quickly..... oh my.

195o's picture. See you cannot see his belly button. >>
but wow what a sexy chest he has.

<< 1970's Picture. Ummmm well ummmm. What was he thinking?

1990's picture, the pants were down and starting to be baggy. I personally hated this time. I mean I went from seeing butts to seeing baggy pants.

2000's picture. I dont have a problem seeing this.

2000's picture. Nor do I have a problem seeing this either.

I have a problem with this. Call me old fashioned, but that is a bit to much. Don't get me wrong, he is hot.

The point to this is, should this be banned? I say NO!! I believe that the lawmakers should keep their noses out of our personal business. What happened to expressing yourself? Be all that you can be?



Unknown said...

it's called public indecency. Girls are not allowed to wear only bras, or to show off that much of anything. Lawmakers have had their hands in this long before the aughts. :-) I love your diagram and proof pictures though!

Rae said...

There are too many other things for lawmakers to be worried about rather than what covers a man's butt - actually what isn't covering a man's butt. I personally don't like the baggy look. I prefer to see a man's ass and it can't be done with a saggy bunch of crap covering it.

Lynda said...

I'm not getting in on the lawmaking discussion but baggy pants look very stupid and are totally uncomplimentary to look at. A properly clothed man or woman can look much more enticing with the right styles.

Jo said...

While I don't particularly care to see someones boxers when I'm in a store, I think the lawmakers should be focusing on bigger things. I cannot remember a more nonsensical law, excpet the closeminded folks who want to ban same sex marriage.

Good post and puts things in perspective, my friend.

Love you madly,

Allen said...

@ Becky, the graph turned out better than I expected. =o)

@ Rae, I agree with you on this. =o)

@ Miss Lynda, I agree with you too. If they are dressed properly they do look good. =o)

@ Jo, Coffee time yet? There are a ton of close minded people in the country.

Pat said...


I personally hate the pants hanging off the butt look. How can a person walk for God's sake? They don't - they waddle. But I don't think the government should have a say in what people wear. Now - schools can have a say. I believe it that, but government? Nope!

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