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Monday, June 28, 2010

I have a been a busy boy.

Last Sunday was my first day at my new job. Tina has been keeping me busy. I have been training at one of her stores and making fliers and posters. My sleep pattern has changed a bit too. Some nights I get home at a normal time, but other time it could be at one in the morning.

Training is really hard right now. I have to not only learn the process, but everything else. Its crazy, but she is very understanding. She said "Rome was not built in a day". I thought that was nice of her to say.

I feel bad that I have not wrote anything on here to keep you posted, but its been crazy. This week is also going to be a crazy one. One of the managers are off this week, so I have to fill in where I can.

I will try to post more often,


Lynda said...

Even with all the work, it sounds like you are loving it! Thanks for letting us know how it's going!

Pat said...

Hey - job takes precedence over blogging! Things will settle down in a bit and you can tell us all about it. Thanks for the update, though. We'll be here when you're ready to come back!

Unknown said...

Really, take care of your job and yourself before worrying about the blog. Everyone will still be around while you try to catch up with some sleep!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, the best kind of job you can have is one that challenges you, makes you grow, and doesn't bore you to death. Sounds like this one is a good watch for you. Just keep at it, I'm sure you will do very well once you are trained and settled in. We will be here when you have time, so don't worry about blogging.

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