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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Rainbow

I have been a super busy boy. I am on the road more than I am at home. I have been to many different places. I am so glad that I have a GPS.

On my travels the other day, I saw this, and took a picture using my phone. Its a double rainbow. You can barely see the second one. Its to the left of the main one.

Honky state is what this place is, I mean if you are just a second late on the green light, then the horns start blowing behind you. Not just a quick reminder, but get out of my way honk. I don't believe that anyone can read down here either. Speed limit can be 45 and they fly by you going 60 and not think about it.

There are tons of police down here. I even saw a police tanker truck. It looked so weird. A light bar across the top of a Big Rig.


Lynda said...

It is good to hear from you again. I wondered how you had been doing. People drive the same way through Chattanooga and Atlanta, too but not many ever get stopped. How could a tanker truck ever catch anyone and why would the police need one?

Wonder Man said...

glad you came back

John said...

Beautiful photo, Allen! I just love rainbows and am always happy if I'm able to snap a picture of one. I'm afraid that I am one of those impatient honkers LOL. I do it so often; it's a hard habit to break. I call it laying on the horn. LOL I'm really glad you had a chance to put something on your blog! Hope all is well.

Pat said...

I was just thinking of you the other day and wondered how you were doing. Glad to hear from you and know that you are getting along okay. Love the rainbow photo; now if only we could find that pot of gold!

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