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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Voice Mail

Google Voice mail is a very sweet thing to have.(& its free) Here are some of its features:

1. Contact list
2. Voice mail for each person on your contact list.
3. Ringing options
4. Voice to text
5. Caller ID
6. Email Option
7. Texting
8. Your own telephone number.

What you do is to add your friends to your contact list. Name and numbers. Then you can add a personal message to each of your friends (different for each one)

You add a phone. You must have at least one phone for it to work. (can be a house phone, cell phone, work phone etc. or all of them)

Give your friends your new number which is the Google voice number. Then let the calls start. Google voice mail rings all the phones that you select, you can select more than one. (if you have more than one phone)

If you dont answer the phone, your friends will be surprised at there personal messages. Once they are done with there voice message to you, google translates that message to text and sends it to your cell phone, and your eamil address.


Cubby said...

You should expect your first letter from them in 3...2...1...

Pat said...

Sounds a little complicated, but I'm glad it worked! Peace of mind!

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