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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Councilman Joel Burns of Fort Worth City, Texas tells gay teens "it gets better"

We really need to have more people like Joel to stand up and do just what he did. We need to stop the harassment that kids & adults are doing.

Enough is enough don't you think?

I received an email yesterday while I was at work. It said
"I just came across your post about Joel Burns’ inspirational speech to gay teens. I think it is really great that someone in public light had the courage to stand up and reach out to these victims of anti-gay bullying. As you said, we need more people (kids and adults!) to stop the harassment. Viral videos are always entertaining, but I am glad that a video with a message is floating around the Internet. "
She also gave me a link to this video and I decided to post it here as well.

The video takes a look at how different news organizations are covering the issue. For example, a featured HLN segment points out that Burns’ speech should “prompt the world to do some self-reflection.”

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Thanks Ileana for the news video and the email.


Pat said...

Wow - what a moving speech! That must have been so hard for him. Bullying is at an all time high - it's hard for any kid who is "different" in any way - it must be extremely hard for those struggling with their sexuality.

Jason, as himself said...

I loved this so much. I think everyone should see it.

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