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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lizards In My Backyard

I took a walk in my backyard today, so that you could see all the lizards that lives here with me.
There are I am guessing several hundreds of them.
Most of them bake in the sun in the mornings and early evening.

This one was baking in the sun.

This one was asleep. I got a lot closer than I thought I could.

This picture was my favorite. I caught him with his neck out.

Found this one in a tree.

This one was under a tree.

This one was on top of a railing.

This one was hanging upside down. Must be nice to do that.

This one stood up for his picture.

I think I would get a headache if I stood like that.

I think this was a baby. He was looking at me when I pressed the shutter and then I looked at the picture and his head was turned.

I think this house is one of the greatest places I have ever lived. We are in the middle of a bird sanctuary, and a lizard play ground.


Lynda said...

It will stay that way - - bird sanctuary and lizard paradise as long as you don't get a cat! My cats would consider your backyard a great safari playground.

Pat said...

I don't mind the birds, and even a lizard or two, but that many lizards would give me the heebe-jeebes! Yikes! Glad YOU are happy where you are living now!

John said...

Love the lizard pics! When my daughter lived in Tampa her apt was in a gated jungle type area & lizards were everywhere. They will run in your house too, so be careful leaving food out. I know someone that accidentally cooked one on a frozen pizza!

Cubby said...

The little lizards are cute. One ran across my leg once and it scared me, but I think I scared the lizard more when I screamed!

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