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Monday, July 4, 2011

I just made a Creepy Picture

I had an idea pop into my head last week. I had no clue it would work. Basically its a shadow box. I made it with (mostly) Staples Products. I made my box out of Black project board. It took 5 30x40" boards. Two sided tape, and Aluminum tape.

I wanted a simple picture, something easy to cut around. I found this picture:

I had this printed 24x36. When I got home tonight, I started this project. I placed my picture on the black project board and taped it down. I then took a razor and cut out all the white in the picture. I built my box, and took aluminum foil and lined the inside of the box.

Next was the frame. I took my white sheet 24x40" paper and laid it on top of the cut out. I then took another project board and cut out a square to make the frame. I sandwiched it all together and then placed it on top of my box. I taped all the corners down with aluminum tape.

Next the lighting. I took my sensor night lights and attached them to an extension cord. And hung them down in the center of the box. I made it so you could change the effect of the picture, by moving the lights up and down.

When I first saw it, I stepped back. I was completely shocked. It was creepy I mean it looks like a guy looking in on you, and then it looks like the guy has his arms crossed. I found out that every color that is inside the box is showing in the picture. Like the picture below (sorry my camera does not like darkness.) Inside the colors are brown, white, black, and two glowing red led lights.

So what do you think?


Cubby said...

Submit it in a local art show. It's a winner.

Lynda said...

Very creative but not something I would want hanging in my house! So glad you used Staples products though! Good for sales and good for advertising!

Pat said...

Wherever did you come up with such an idea? Great for Halloween!

Exchange server hosting said...

Great thing dear!

Allen said...

@ Cubby, I actually have a couple of Artist's coming over to see it. I tried to describe it the best I could. And then I suggested they come over and just see it.

@ Lynda, I dont blame you. Its really creepy in person.

@ Pat, I actually figured it out while looking at my bed that has a white skirt, placed a light behind it and saw a couple of shadows on them and thought it might be cool to try to make.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, very cool. Just goes to show you that with a little ingenuity and patience you can make a compelling art piece that doesn't cost all that much.

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