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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am trying to keep my chin up

As you know I am on Crutches until I go see my Vascular Doctor in August. I haven't been to work at all this week. I have been in so much pain. Even with the pain killer it hurts like hell.  All week I have been doing as the doctor said: 

  1. Take the Medication
  2. Use the Crutches
  3. Prop Foot up
  4. Heat on it in the Morning
  5. Ice at night

Lets talk about crutches shall we. Have any of you ever used these things?  I have almost fell, to me they are not an easy to use at all. I think I got the swing of it, but then I get going to fast and then I almost fall, or  the top part pull out from under my arm and it twist every thing up.  I have been trying to practice before I go back to work, but omg its hard.

Today, I get ready for my shower and realize that my left foot is swollen. You cannot even see my ankle. 
I am going to my family doctor on Monday. I hope he can tell me what is going on. It seems that I cannot win sometimes. 

Work has been driving me crazy. Or the lack of it. I guess I am driving myself crazy, cause, I dont want to loose my job over this.  I really dont know what I can do when I go back. I cannot stand on my feet like they are wanting me too. Even with a "chair"  you are not supposed to greet the customers in one.  I am supposed to work on Monday before I go see my doctor. I just dont know how that is going to work at all. I mean the Meds that I am on, make me loopy as all get out.  I have to take them. I just dont know. I guess I am ramble-ling on now.


Lynda said...

A couple of things - - that ankle does not look good at all. You appear to be a thin man and that ankle doesn't belong on a thin man.
The crutches - - you know the weight should rest on your hands and not your arm pits - - right? Wear bicycle gloves, they really help. A wheelchair works even better than crutches - - I found that out after knee surgery. It is how I kept the swelling down in my knee.

Allen said...

Lynda, yeah that is what the nurse said about the crutches. A wheelchair might be the next thing for me. Cause I dont think my left foot is going to support my entire body. shurgs

Cubby said...

Good grief, Allen! Lay down and get that foot up.

Allen said...

Cubby you should know me by now. I have no problem putting my feet up. lol

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