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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I started insulating my home

Starting my long project of insulating my home. I started by using this great product GILA Privacy Control. I wanted my windows dark, and protected from the rays of the sun. In the lease that I signed, they are strict on what window hangings you can and cannot have in your home. So with this product you cannot see what is hanging on the other side of my windows.

This product was a snap to put on, I put it all up in less than a couple of hours. 

As you can see the picture above I took the picture at 11:30 am. The sun is still beating down on my windows. I decided that I was was to seal those windows up, since the first 4 hours of sunlight was coming through. I was going to just use great stuff and seal all the cracks, but changed my mind, there were way to many cracks and holes. I tried several times to close the windows from the inside, but they kept popping back out, so I bought foam boards and enclosed the entire window sets. Over all, the house last night was warmer than it has been since I have been here. It got down to 47 last night, and I kept the inside temp at 68 degrees with two space heaters. 

My father told me if I did this project like this, then I would have little light in this space. But honestly, I would rather have little light than a huge electric bill, trying to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  
Great Stuff in a can is the greatest thing ever. I cut the foam boards down to size, I used Great Stuff foam around the edges to make an air tight seal. I also used Great Stuff around my doors, to fill in those gaps. (I still have to trim it)

Next step is to start insulating the walls. 

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