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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is the Insulation?

You would have thought it was in the walls, but nope its not. For the past month or so we have been experiencing colder than normal temps. I dont have a furnace in my place. I have little space heaters. Even with them all going full blast, I was/am freezing.

Then the other night, the neighbors on the next street over was well talking outside, I could hear ever single word. I can also hear motorcycles, some cars, and birds. Its like they are in the same room as me.  That got me to thinking. (scary I know)  What if this place has little or no insulation, that might explain the noise and cold temps.

Tuesday I was off from work and decided to do some test. I checked the outside temp and compared it to the inside temp. Outside was 77 inside 84 and climbing.  The highest it got, was 89 and I couldnt take it anymore, I turned on my a/c.

With sweat pouring down my back, I ripped off one of the walls, its right above the door. As you can see in the picture below, its the siding and wood, nothing else. I about cried.  So now I have to buy insulation for my home. With the summers getting way up in the 90's with high humidity my little a/c will never shut off, it will be on 24/7.

I just got my home not looking like a construction zone. But now its going to look like it again. I have got to get this finished before summer gets here, or my electric bill will be out of this world.


John said...

Yeah, a lot of mobile homes didn't use to have insulation. At least you have air conditioning. I have a neighbor that doesn't have air, and she stays gone as much as possible LOL. She spends a lot of time in theaters, the library, etc. Let us know about your insulation --always learning little things like that from you! I know there are many types of insulation. There's even some made from recycled denim. Hmmm wonder if you could do that project?! There is an ehow article about it!

Lynda said...

And the wonderful news is you know how to do that project, too. We had insulation added in places it was missing under the house. What a difference it has made this winter. It is the first year my feet haven't been cold inside the house!

Allen said...

Thanks John, I will look into that insulation.

Momma Lynda, Yes I do. Cant wait to start work on it and share all the information that I have found. =o)

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