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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Nightmare is Over

I can finally breath again. First time in three months. It really feels a lot longer than that.

Three months ago I posted the OMG Factor. It was about 129, the mess and bad shape this trailer was in and I had to fix it.

I had two weeks that someone said they was going to buy it as is. So for two weeks I did not work on it. And then we had Hurricane Irma roll through, so that took two more weeks off from the unit.

So all total, I spent just a little over two months working on this. I am going to break it all down for you.

Living Room

First thing was to pull all the tile up in the living room, we had a really bad storm and the rain collected on the roof and did not run off. So it broke 4 rafters. So I had to go in and replace the rafters, my boss actually got a maintenance man from another park to come up and help me out for the day. We replaced the rafters and then I had to rebuild the ceiling, and wall since part of it collapsed too.


In the kitchen, I had to pull up all the tiles, then it just needed a new coat of paint. The new owner came in and helped me a couple of days and painted the kitchen. It took one thing off my list. Was happy that she did.

Bed Room

The bedroom was pretty easy too. Just added a wall and replaced a few panels in the room.


The bathroom was a nightmare. The toilet and sink was only thing that I could keep. The tub was bad, the last owner took the drain off and it rotted all the wood in the floor.  So I had to tear out the entire floor. I had to also remove all the plumbing in the bathroom as well. Then I put in the new joist.

The rebuild seemed to take the longest. Well honestly finding a shower that fit was the most challenging. I really thought I was going to make one. But we finally found one. Standard showers are 36"x36" way to big for my small space.  I found one 32"x 32", it was the pan only, I had to build the shower sides.

I ran all new plumbing, then put in a new floor. Then I painted the floor and reinstalled the toilet, installed the sink and then installed the shower, I then built a closet. I turned on the water and wow no leaks :)  I painted the walls, then installed the mirror in the wall.

Side Notes

The electrician came in and ran all new plugs, before I put the walls up. I had never had any luck cutting out the boxes. So I searched online and found this very cool tool.

This saved me so much stress and yes it really works. 😀

Thank YOU!!

A big thank you to Unit 116 for allow me to use his brad nailer and the new owners for their help with the painting.


Lynda said...

What a blessing to know how to do all that work. Not everyone is that talented. It does feel good to have a job completed though!

Allen said...

Miss Lynda, how are you? I give my father all the credit for teaching me how to do all that. When I was in my teens, he started renting out houses and we had to work on them to get em ready. At the time I hated it, but now I enjoy it so much.

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