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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mystery News - Cat Fight

Aunt Q was over the other day and she said I needed to kick MoMo butt. So I jumped up to where she was sitting so I could listen. She said that MoMo is being mean to Elsie .
I jumped up real quick and said !!! WHAT !!! Elsie and I are online friends, now I am pissed off! Elsie did tell me that this cat is madly in love with her and she is fed up with it. She don't want anything to do with him. She told him to stay in his room and she would go where she wanted. Aunt Q said that MoMo goes into Elsie's room and uses her kitty litter. .....ewwwww.......yuck..... I can not believe that, if I was Elsie, I would tear him from limb to limb. I would eat him alive. That cat has got to learn some manners, you don't go in and use a ladies potty area, and I bet he peed on the sides too! That is just wrong! Then Aunt Q told me worst part, MoMo is now starting fights with Elsie. My heart fell to the floor. She said that Elsie can hold her own, but this cat MoMo is way younger. I tell you this, if I ever and I do mean ever see this cat MoMo, I will kick his butt. So MoMo if you are reading this, you better watch your back!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I resent that... It's Elsie that often picks fights with me. All I need to do is walk near her, even to get to my own food and she starts her hissing and growling. Damn straight I used her litter box, she moved into my territory and my litter box sat right where hers is now. And by the way, I dont pee on the sides. The pee accidents are my sister Twiggy. She gets so wigged out when I try to have a lil fun with Elsie that she pee's on MaMa's bed. Then we all get yelled at and hide. OOOOO here she comes back to the puter, gotta go...

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