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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I felt sorry for this Duck - had to help it out.

I have been taking my camera out with me every morning, I am glad I did this morning.

While outside, I saw this duck, walking into cars, it was way out in the parking lot, I picked up my camera and walked towards it. It had a McDonalds sack stuck on its head.

I dont know how long it had been stuck on its head, but from the sound of it, it was happy to see that I removed it.

It gripes me to no end that people cannot throw their trash away. Sad isnt?


Pat said...

Maybe he wanted to be known as the "Unknown Duck". Remember the "Unknown Comic"? No? He walked around with a bag over his head! Ha, ha!

Actually, you did a good deed here, Allen. Yes, it pisses me off that people litter. This reminds me of the story my friend told me of a feral cat running in the alley with a Chinese take-out carton stuck to it's head with the little metal bar under it's chin. They nicknamed him "Cat in the Hat".

Lynda said...

You are so sweet and have a kind heart to help out the duck. I can tell you are a gentle soul by the way you write about the ducks in some of your blogs.

Cubby said...

Awww, that poor duck. I'm so glad you were there to rescue it.

Stan in NH said...

Good for you. It's amazing how many people would just turn the other way and leave the duck alone, or just point and laugh at it. Thanks for taking the time to set it free.

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