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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Day at A.C.'s House

As I posted earlier, I went out of the house. When I left at noon, it was 24 degrees outside. On my way home just a few minuets ago, it was 16 degrees, brrrr that is to cold for my bones.

A.C. had a few things for me to do. I replaced a faucet on her bathroom sink. The old one needed replaced really bad. The problem that I had was, I thought I had shut off the water. Well I did shut it off under the sink, but it didn't work. Lets just say, I took another shower, water went all over me. I had to take off my sweater and throw it into the dryer. I had to shut the water off at the main valve inside the house.

Once I finally got the water off, the rest of the project was easy. A.C. stayed and watched what I did, she wants to learn how to do things for herself. I have no problem teaching anyone that wants to learn.

A.C. I know you are reading this, and I want to say "I love you girl".

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