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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mystery News

Hi everyone, my name is Mystery and this is my news. Mystery News

I am a beautiful brown haired Bangal cat. I have an exotic look, and I am part leopard. I am a very active, agile and muscular. I am smarter than any dog. And I aint scared of them!

Time to clean, you know you have to clean every place. Now that the cleaning is out of the way, let me tell you a short story.

I have to tell you of a time that I climbed to the top of a shelf that Allen made for me, he put it right over the door way. I found out this was one of the funnest places ever. One morning I hear Allen he is walking down the hall, I pear over to look down the hall, hah he don't see me. He is almost here, should I or shouldn't I, yeah I should, so I lay down and lean way over and swipe, yeah I grabbed his glasses right off his head. It was so funny and I was laughing, until he started yelling - no bad kitty, oh no he is grabbing me, he is carrying me to his room. He put me in his room and slammed the door. Wow he is really upset at me. I can not believe that he is upset at me for that, it was just fun. I guess since I am here, I will snoop, I jump up on the bed, and there are these stacks of clean clothes here. Hmm, I need to go potty, I think this stack right here will do just fine, so I climb to the top and its wobbly, but I manage, now find just the right spot oh here this will do, squat and ahhhhhhhhhhh that feels better. Now I need to hide. I hear him walking this way, I see the door open and within a split second I am in the living room in my hiding place that he dont know where it is.


Anonymous said...

Very funny!!! Why did you do the thing over the door?? Or is this just a story?? I am glad to hear you have a cat or is it a leapat? Smile!!

Allen said...

I saw a house on tv that had tunnels through the house, walks for their cats. At the time I thought it was a good idea. I found out later it wasnt such a good idea.

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