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Friday, July 24, 2009

Pink Floyd - Senator Evan Bayh - Donald Trump - The Back Street Boys - Dave Smiley

What do all these people have in common? I have met them.

This is my Famous People that I have met page.

Cowboy Bob Show - He had a morning show for kids, on channel 4, with fun stuff and cartoons. I met Cowboy Bob back in the early 70's, when my dad invited him to church. I dont know how much my dad had to pay him to come, but it was worth it in my eyes. Cowboy Bob brought his horse Trigger too. I actually have a picture of me sitting on his horse.

Janie's Show - Back in the early 70's, her show was on channel 4 too, fun stuff and cartoons. I did not meet Janie until the late 80's. My mom at the time was working for School # 114. She told me that Janie was the music teacher there. I went to the school one day, to visit Janie. She was a really nice lady.

Pink Floyd - In the mid-80's I was working for a Tool Rental company - I was a driver, I delivered the tools out to the construction jobs. I delivered a large air compressor out to the Hoosier Dome for a concert that was happening later that evening. For the life of me I could not figure out why on earth they wanted a huge air pump - this air pump was used for jack hammers. Once in the Hoosier Dome, I met the manager, I explained how to use the pump, and the manager said hey follow me. I walked behind him to this room, with two guys standing outside of the door. The manager said he is with me and we walked in, inside was a bunch of people. I at the time was not a fan of Pink Floyd - nor did I know who they were or what they sang. The manager said, Allen, (name on my uniform) I have to go take this call, I will be right back. If you are hungry go ahead and eat. There was a buffet set up. I thought oh how cool. So I grabbed a plate and fixed myself some food. I am not the type that will just stand in the corner, I like to mingle and talk. The topic of the room was the rehearsal that just happened. I worked myself around the room, until I got into the back of the room. There was an open seat, so I thought I will go sit down. The problem was the seat was in between two guys that had their feet up in front of them. I walked over to one of the guys and said excuse me could I sit there, the guy moves his legs and I sat down. Their conversation stopped, they all just looked at me. I say hey how is everyone today? One of them says "Who are you?" oh I am Allen and I just delivered a air pump, as I am chowing down the food. Excellent, now we can get the pig started. I thought pig? I asked what pig? We blow it up and float it down to the stage. I said cool. The manager walks up behind me and says there you are, he chuckles and says "I see you have met the band"

Gov. Evan Bayh - in the mid to late 80's I was working for Indiana State Captiol Security Police Department. I was walking around the Captiol building one night, I saw Gov. Bayh and Mrs. Bayh walking down the street, I walked up to them and asked them how their evening was going, they said it was great, and how beautiful it was out that night. I did my duty and walked them to thier car.

Donald Trump - In the early 90's I was working for Indiana State Conference Center, there was a very large meeting going on in our Auditorium. The news media was there, people every where. I was walking out of the Auditorium, and hit shoulders with a man that was taller than me, and had blond hair. I appoligized to him, and he said no problem. I guess he could see the stress on my face. He said " a piece of advice" I thought here it comes - he said "Real Estate"
I never put it together until I got back to the office. I was telling my boss what happened, and she asked where he was, I said out in the Atrium. She walks out to the Atrium and comes back to the office and said you walked into Donald Trump.

The Back Street Boys - In the late 90's I was working at Walt Disney World, Epcot, Electric Umbrella. One night I worked a double, I was exhausted. The park was closed and had been for over an hour, as I am walking in the tunnel, up to the bus stop, I hear a pargo behind me, so I naturally move over closer to the wall. The pargo was flying, and missed me by inches, I actually saw my pant leg move. I was tired and lost control, and said HEY really loud. I see the front of the pargo go down and hear the squealing tires, I thought oh great 5 teen age boys against me. This is not going to be a pretty site. The pargo goes into reverse, they get to where I am and the diver said, oh man I really got close to you, sorry. As I am looking at them, I was thinking to myself where do I know these faces from, I couldn't put a name on it, but I knew them. I scolded them for driving like that and told them to be more careful. The driver agreed and off they went again. I see the bus, and I wave it down, as I stepped on the bus, I said OH MY GOD that was Howie! The bus driver said who is Howie, I said from the Back Street Boys. The driver said yeah I heard they were in town. I started laughing and said, I just scolded them for driving a pargo crazy. The driver started laughing with me, and said maybe they need to hear it.

Dave Smiley - In mid 2003 I was working for a window cleaning company. I was just about to finish up a job at a bridle shop. This guy walks up behind me and said looks good, we had a short conversation about window cleaning and general things. It was a very nice change. Normally people act like you are not there. Or they say " you missed a spot" trying to sound funny to their family and friends. But not Dave, his conversation was real and not fake at all. After he left and I finished up my work, I went in to get paid, I asked the owner who he was, and they said he was the host for the morning show on WZPL. I started listening to his show.


Unknown said...

What nice memories, especially with Pink Floyd!

Rae said...

That is a pretty impressive list. I have met a number of professional basketball players through my ex son-in-law who played for the NBA. In the end, celebrity or not we are all the same. Well maybe some have more money. LOL

Larry Ohio said...

Wow! My list is empty :-(

Anonymous said...

Funny about the Backstreet Boys, but it sounds like they were at least nice and polite?!

Allen said...

@ Howard, Yeah after I posted it, I forgot one. Buddy Lazier - he won the Indy 500. I met him before the race. I was with a mutual friend of his.

Allen said...

@ Rae, I grew up with a NBA guy. He was would have been an all star, but he gave his life to God and started a church. The one thing I have learned is that everyone puts on their clothes the same way I do.

@ Larry, guess you need to start you a list.

Allen said...

@Anonymous - well they could have just flipped me off and went on their way. So yeah I guess they were polite and nice about it.

Stephen said...

great post & an im pressive list!

John said...

Sorry to hear you had to meet Donald Trump, but glad to hear you met the Backstreet Boys! I guess you've heard the song (parody) "Which Backstreet Boy is Gay." LOL

Allen said...

@ Stephen - Thank you!

@ John, LOL yeah I have heard of that song. Its quite funny.

Falderozz said...

Hey Allen, great page and lots of info. Keep up the great work. Glad I got to visit your site.

Your friend Falderozz

Allen said...

@Falderozz, Whats up bud? Glad you finally stopped by and said hi!

For those that don't know, Falderozz is a world of warcraft friend.


Becky said...

OMG Falderozz does something online OTHER than WOW?!?

Maybe I should make a far I can think of three people (that's a "list" right?), but I think there's more (Mayor Goldsmith, Sen. Lugar, and Reggie Miller)

Becky said...

I forgot Tony the Tiger! Oh man, that's a story...

Allen said...

@ Becky - Yeah Falderozz does things other than Wow. When wow is down that is. hehe

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