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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving Sale

We are having a moving sale this Thursday 8/13/09 and Friday 8/14/09 from 9am to 2pm on both days.

If you think you are going to be in town, stop by and say hello.

If you need directions, please email me, the link is on my profile page.

Have a great week everyone,



Kyle Leach said...

Hi there Allen. A little far for me to stop by, but I do like the new profile photo. Very sharp, nice shot!

Allen said...

@ kyle - thanks, I had a very good friend visit my site the other day. He was like, "take that ugly picture off of your site". So I did, I spent a few hours working on it last night. I finally figured out how to take them with the lighting being right.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Becky said...

I love the profile photo too. I can't come because I am working.....*sigh*

I may send Clinton down to help, or to hang, whatever. :-)

John said...

Good luck at the moving $ale. Too bad I don't live closer or have relatives in Indianapolis, or I would make it a point to be in town and stop by. Hope you make lots of money! Plus it'll mean fewer things to move!

I like your new profile pic too!

Allen said...

@ Becky, your dad is going to call you. =o)

@ John, I know we wont make the money back that we spent on the items, but we need to get rid of them just the same. The money is going toward the cost of the move.

I am glad you like my profile picture too. =o)

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