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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Emotional Signatures

I have been going to the Weather Vane for a couple of months now, and Rae signs her with a very pretty font. I though you know what that would make my site look good too.

I found a site that allows you to type in your name and then change the font, size and color. Once you are done, you simply copy the embed code and paste it to your blog post. It is easy.

The more I used it the more I thought I could do that to but using my own pictures.

I decided to make my own. I call it my emotional signatures. This way you will know what kind of mood I am in.

My Emotional Signatures:







I went ahead and started posting them on old post. Just to make it look better. I have been trying to get my website just right, and I believe this will help.

Cool huh?


Larry Ohio said...

Dayum boy, you got a big fist!

Anonymous said...

This is great!! Thanks for sharing the info!

Rae said...

I love it. Too funny. You are so creative!!!

Allen said...

@ Larry, yup I sure do. =o)

@ Michael, No problem, any time.

@ Rae, Thanks I try to be. =o)

Beth said...

I like it! Let's see, what's missing? Puzzled? Sad? Skeptical? ;)

Allen said...

@ Beth, since everyone seems to like it, I will have to add those to the list. Thanks =o)

John said...

Very original...I like it! I love the emoticons that have movement, like clapping hands, rolling eyes, etc (I wonder if you could do that? probably!)

That was a good observation by what a big fist you have! I'd hate to be on the other end of it LOL.

Allen said...

@ John,

I saw you was on from the world map, I was just at your site too. =o)

You have given me a challenge, now I need to see if I can make that happen.

I added the face book widget. I have over 90 friends there and thought it was a cool idea.

My friends say that its strong too, I tend to shake a mans hand like a man. Not a sissy.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, love the emotional signatures. What a great idea! Thanks for the info on I'll have to check it out.

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