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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Spider Killer - A new friend.

I have a new friend, he comes and visits me every day, including today. Today he did his routine he went and ate the spiders that have webs outside my window. I really don't like spiders, they creep me out. He eats the spiders and all the other bugs that are in the web. The first time he did it I thought how cool is that. But every day he is back to eat and look at me. He some times stands on my window seal and just to look in and say hi.

He stood on my window seal today and I grabbed my camera, by the time I got it all set up he had flown down to the bush, I thought I got a pretty good shot of him.


Joann said...

Hi Allen, I HATE spiders too!! We've had pet mice, and lizards, and I've held snakes... but SPIDERS just creep me out!! Glad you have that sparrow to take care of yours!!

Allen said...

@Joann, I am glad too. Its cool to see him every day though. =o)

Jeanette said...

Thank was very cool. Thank you!

Allen said...

@Jeanette - =o)

John said...

I love bird watching...I know it is hard to get a picture or video of shy, I guess LOL

Allen said...

@ John,
You know if he would show up at the same time every day, I could get a good video of him, but its different times of the day.

I now have 2 huge squirrels, one chipmunk and a bird. =o)

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