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Friday, August 28, 2009

UpDate on the Puppy

Well today I decided to just drop by Toms house and see if I could convince him not to "crate" his puppy.

I was a bit nervous when I pulled up in his drive. I really did not know how this was going to go. As I step out of my car I saw his curtain move in the window. I knew he was home. But will he open the door.

As I am stepping up on his old wooden porch, the front door opens. Tom walks out to me and apologized for hanging up on me. He said "I was having a really bad day".

He invited me into the house. Once inside, I could see down the hall to the kitchen, there on the kitchen door was a child's gate. I did a slight grin. I got my composure back quickly. I did not want him to know I saw the gate.

He said after I hung up on you I thought about what you said, and you were right, I was not thinking correctly. He smiled at me and said I got a child gate for my kitchen, and I got me a doggy sitter that comes over once a day and checks on Lion.

I said wait, what did you call him? He said very proudly Lion. I said umm its a Terrior not a great dane. He said yeah but when he yawns, it reminds me of a Lion. So that is how he got his name.

Can I see Lion. Tom quickly replied sure.

We walk to the kitchen, there behind the gate was Lion. awww how cute I said as I pick him up and start rubbing him. The more I rubbed him the more he licked me, I mean this dogs tounge was all over me. He got my face, inside of my nose, in my mouth, behind my ear, down both arms. He was so excited to see someone new, that he peed on me. It was a weird feeling, liquid heat running down my stomach, it took me a minute to figure out what was happening. I jumped up and was saying ewww, holding the puppy out from me running towards the kitchen.

As soon as he was safely on the floor, I was stripping out of my clothes. It grossed me out. Tom took my clothes and put them in the wash. I went and took a quick shower. All the while the puppy is in the back ground crying cause I put him down.

Tom laid out a pair of sweat pants and shirt for me to wear while my clothes finished up.

We spent the rest of the time talking about Lion.

I was very happy that Tom did that for his puppy Lion.

Have a great day,


lelocolon said...

Oh that is a great follow up. I was so concerned about the puppy. Tell Tom that Lion is a great name. I am happy.

Allen said...

@ lelocolon, I will do that! =o)

Sue said...

Well, aren't you glad now that you said something?!
I'm glad this story had a happy ending. Now, you only have about 5.5 million other people to talk to. You can start with the guy down the road that chains his dog to a tree.......
Have a great day, Allen.
Oh, and I liked the blooming roses-very pretty!

Rae said...

Good Job. Sometimes it pays to speak up.

Larry Ohio said...

I'm so happy Tom took your advice and everything turned out well for Lion.

Beth said...

What a wonderful, happy ending! Well, more of a beginning for Lion! I agree--that's a really cute name! Hugs, Beth

Pat said...

That's a great story! Left me with a warm feeling all over, and I didn't even have to be peed on! Sounds like Lion is a real cutie! He recognized a lifesaver when he saw you!

Lynda said...

I, too, love happy endings. Even though it caused some angry feelings at first, I am glad you told Tom your thoughts on the crate. What a great alternative - - a child's gate for the kitchen. I hope he and Lion have many happy times together. A dog is great. It always loves you and acts like you are a hero.

Kyle Leach said...

Now that is the kind of ending every story needs. I'm so happy for Tom and Lion and I'm really glad you spoke your mind Allen.

Allen said...

@ Sue, I am glad I spoke up. I normally would say "its not my problem". But its an animal that cannot speak for itself.

I am glad you liked the flowers. =o)
@ Rae, In this case it was good. Good for me and for Lion. =o)

@ Larry, I am glad too. =o)

@ Beth, hugs back! Thanks =o)
@ Pat, lol, you did not get peed on. That is funny. =o)
@ MissLynda, The dogs do acts like you are a hero, and they will protect it at all cost. =o)
@ Kyle, Yeah I am happy with this ending, I was expecting a yelling match. I am so glad he thought about it on his own.

Thanks again every one for the great comments on this subject!

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