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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do you believe in Ghosts?

I started believing in Ghosts as a small child. I was about 6 years old, when I had my first encounter. I was asleep in my room, I woke up, sat up in the bed and rubbed my eyes, I felt something looking at me. I turned my head to look across my room, and there stood a man in bib-overhauls. I froze. His arms were crossed and he was watching me. He didn't move for the longest time. Then he just faded away. The next morning, I thought it was a dream. I told my grandmother about what I had thought I had seen. She said that she believed in Ghost too.

She told me that when she was on her farm in Arkansas, one of her family members had passed away in the house that she lived in, she and several of her family saw 2 shadow figures walk by the fire place, then they walked into the room where the person died, the she saw three of them walk by the fire place and vanished. I was happy to know that I wasn't crazy. The man in the bib-overhauls visited me several times after that.

The church I grew up in was built on an old farm land. After the building was built, there were always strange things that happened there. Books would move from one location to another. Doors would open by themselves, or curtains would move. My father put in an alarm system in the church building. All the sensors were on all the outside doors and on two of the inside doors. We would often, here the alarm going off in the middle of the night. We would get up and go to the church, walk the entire building and check out everything. Nothing. No broken glass, no forced entry. There was no reason for the alarm to be going off.

The church office was a converted house. It was a beautiful old home. Hard wood floors throughout the house. I was sitting in my fathers office, practicing my typing on his typewriter. I heard a bedroom door slam shut, then I heard footstep walking towards me. I freaked out. I knew someone was in the house with me. I grabbed his phone and called him at home. I said come quick someone is in here. He showed up and we walked the house. Nothing. My father was not a happy camper with me. He had to stop what he was doing and come to my rescue to find no one in the office.

When I worked for the State Of Indiana, I worked for Capital Security Police. I ended up working the third shift at the Capital Building. Talk about a haunted building, now that place was haunted. You could hear people talking that wasn't there. You could hear foot step going up and down the stairs. I never saw a ghost there, but you could all ways feel them.

When I lived in Lakeland Florida, I lived on a huge piece of property. I lived in a double wide home. It was a nice place. Often at night you could hear a train horn ringing threw the night, but the train station was 20 miles away. But the horn sounded like it was right on top of the house. Our guest often said they heard the horn at night. There were a few times that I woke up with scratches on my body. (for the ones don't that know me, I chew my nails, so I cannot scratch myself)

The house I am living in now, has a ghost or several of them. I can hear them walking down the hall and down the stairs. The house has carpet throughout the house, but it sounds like someone is walking on hardwood floors. When I am watching Ghost Hunters on the internet. I feel like I am not the only one watching it. The hairs on one arm will stand up and I get goose bumps, I feel them right next to me. I decided one night to take pictures and you can see in the video below what I caught. The house cat, plays with someone that is not there. She will jump in the air like some one has a string waving it in front of her. There are some nights that she will watch something move across the room. We often have people over that says what was that noise. It sounds like a huge thump. I always say its the furnace but I know its not. I think its one of our Ghost.

So do you believe in Ghosts?


Anonymous said...

Yes I believe. I saw one. Several of my family members have. I think some people are more "tuned to that frequency." The house my parents live in now had all kinds of weird things happen.

Eric Arvin said...

I've never seen any ghosts but I have had some experiences I would define as "extraordinary."

Wonder Man said...

I believe spirits live on

Larry Ohio said...

Cool stories Allen. I think there may be a ghost in our house, in the kitchen specifically. The dog likes to sit in the doorway to the kitchen at full attention looking in there as if she's looking at someone talking to her. She'll do it for a half hour at a time! We don't mind. At least the ghost keeps the dog occupied.

Beth said...

I believe that energies can linger. I've never seen a ghost, so I can't say that I believe.

Kyle Leach said...

I'm with Beth on this one. I think any living thing's energy can linger creating an echo of who or what it was. That echo can be perceived by some people.

John said...

Yes, I believe in ghosts. Allen, it sounds like they follow you or you attract them. That is especially eerie about the church. I remember thinking I saw a ghost, when I was a young child staying the weekend with my Grandpa. I told him and he said he the house was haunted. Some people believe it was my Grandma's spirit. She had recentlya died, but in a hospital. But I was a strange kid, and I always sleep walked too. As an adutl I've never seen a ghost or sleptwalk again.

I have a friend whose whole family lived in a haunted house and they were driven out. The next family had an even worse time. The story was featured on "A Haunting" and he also wrote a book about it. It is a very believeable story that I never doubted.

Hopefully you won't be followed by ghosts to your new place!

Stephen said...

I have seen a ghost... & not on a dark stromy night. I was cleaning houses for a living & had a client with a 1890 farm house, the oldest in the neighborhood: Seattle, 1989, April, sunny @ 10am.. my back was turned, but all the hair on my body (&that is a lot of hair) stood up on end. I turned around & I saw in 3d- full color (nothing gossemer), a woman in 19th century bed cloths. She was sighing & looking at the floor, as she raised her head, her sad eyes met mine & she vanished.

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