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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Statements that drives me nuts.

Here are some Statements that dives me nuts.

"Umm" Why is this little bitty word used so much by so many people? I love what Judge Judy says to people that uses it. Judge Judy " Umm is not an answer". How true that is.

"You know what I mean?" I have a friend that ask this question after every sentence. Like: "I need a drink, "you know what I mean?" It doesnt matter what the sentence is before it she ask the question behind it.

"I know, I know" Another friend says this all the time. If you try to tell him anything this is his reply. No matter what I or anyone says to him, his reply is "I know, I know".

"WTF" I had a co-worker that used this a lot. She would spell it out. W.T.F. She said well I am not allowed to cuss. Well sorry to say, it has the same meaning.

"aah" I used to hear this a lot: What "aah" time is the "aah" three "aah" o'clock "aah" parade?

"oih" A co-worker used to say this all the time. Instead of using your name she would say "oih" I need this. I went up to her one day and said my name is Allen not "oih"

"Get out" A co-worker used this a lot. In one conversation, she said it four times. I finally left the room. She approached me a few minutes later and asked why I left in the middle of our conversation. I simply said: You told me to "get out".

This is just a few that gets on my nerves. I am sure you get the idea.



keith said...

one word that really peeves me is "whatever" do people realize that they are telling everyone that they dont care.with more nationalities entering this country it is even more imperative that we take our language more seriously.

Larry Ohio said...

"OMG" I use this too much I know. But it's only cuz I'm weak minded.

I like what you said in your WTF section. I don't TV shows that substitute "frick" for "fuck". Do they really think it doesn't have the same meaning? Do they really think 6-year-olds can't figure that out?

Allen said...

@ Keith, I agree with you on that, another word is Anywho. What kind of word is this anyways?

@ Larry, 6 year old kids are smarter than what people give them credit for.

Pat said...

Allen - does this mean I have to watch my p's and q's and LOL's and WTF's and LOL's and anyhoo..with you?


Wonder Man said...

I'm trying to stop using WTF

Allen said...

@ Pat, No not at all. Its the verbal communication that drives me nuts. Not the typing. Typing it out is just fine. Its shorter. =o)

@ Wonder man, understand.

John said...

"Get out!" Now that's a doozy! Funny that you left the room after sick of hearing it! Oih would drive me nuts. I'm glad I don't hear that one too often. This was a fun and interesting post. WTG Allen!

Allen said...

Thanks John! It was fun to put together.

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