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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Florida's License and Tags

Florida does things a bit different here than Indiana. You have to go to two different locations to get every thing you need.

License Branch handles nothing but your drivers license. That process took us 4.5 hour yesterday with it costing $48.00 each. In Indiana it cost $12.00. Except for Kevin he has a CDL and it cost him $80.00. The prices are a lot higher here.

The Plate office better known as the TAG office here, cost $135.00 for each vehicle. In Indiana it cost $30.00. Its like we are paying triple for each item. Which blew me away.

I knew moving down here it would cost a bit more, but not that much more.



Larry Ohio said...

Florida is screwed up in more ways than you can imagine. Have you ever noticed that any time there is a bizarre story on the news, they are always talking about Florida? It's true!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the similar change when I moved from South Dakota to Minneapolis. My car tags in SD were $30 a year. Here they are $105.

It took 4 1/2 hours to get your license? That must have been one long line!!

Keith said...

Hi guys,how goes the is good news that might cheer you up a little. it is getting cold here in indy lol.I talked to Kevin and gave him some ideas for you to try if you like it might help until something better comes along. as always your good friend Keith

Lynda said...

Car tags in North Carolina are higher than that if I remember correctly - - - and your vehicle has to first pass a strict inspection. I hate the wait for you. Time is one thing we can never get back!

John said...

My daughter lived several years in Tampa, so I know what you're saying! She kept her IL license for a very long time, like a year and plates too. If she got stopped she was going to say she just moved there. I wish I had thought to tell you that...woulda, coulda, shoulda!

Allen said...

@ Larry - well some times it is.hehe

@ Michael - Yeah the 4 1/2 hours was the screw up they did on Kevins license. His was supposed to be a cdl and they for got to put it on his new license. So they had to call the capital to figure it out.

@ Keith - Well I am glad its cold there. hehe

@ Miss Lynda - Indiana used to have the Inspection. I used to hate them too. Was a pain in the royal butt.

@ John, I tried that the last time I lived in Florida. I got a huge ticket for waiting to long.

Pat said...

I remembered when we moved to Virginia. We were there for about 4 months when I drove through a blockade. Police were pulling cars over left and right. He indicated that I should pull over. Okay. He came over to my window and asked where my stickers were on my windshield. What stickers, I asked. It seems that we had to pay PERSONAL PROPERTY taxes on our cars, and had to display stickers on the windshield. Now, how would ANYONE know this, just moving into the area, unless someone told them? So, not only do you have to get new plates, and driver's license, you also have to pay taxes on your vehicles! Luckily they were pro-rated, so it came to about $148 for the two vehicles for THREE MONTHS! What a rude awakening THAT was! I didn't get a ticket since I was new to the area! That would have added insult to injury! LOL! Moving to a new area is certainly an eye opening experience!

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