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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Hair Cut

My father Raymond McAlister as some of you know is a Baptist Preacher. He has never liked my long hair.

I called him a couple of days ago:

Me: Hey dad, do you still have your hair cutting equipment?
Dad: Yes - why?
Me: You want to cut my hair?
Dad: How do you want it?
Me: Your choice, but I want it short.
Dad: Sure - I could hear him smiling.

Kevin, Michael and I left for Tampa yesterday morning, it was a 4 hour trip to his office. Once we were there, dad took us out for lunch, we ate at Golden Corral. After lunch we headed back to his office and he got his equipment out.

Michael took all the pictures that are in this video. I thought he did a good job.

My father told me that his Secretary told him that I could go to her sons barber, dad told her that this was personal. That he need to do this. My father has cut my hair since I was a young boy. So I knew what I was getting into. Plus I knew that he would enjoy cutting my long hair off, since he did not like seeing on me.

I sat there while my hair fell off of my head, for what seemed like an hour, but it was more like 20 minutes.

I am glad that I made my father happy, I am glad that I made my room mates happy. They both told me I look 1000 times better. I feel naked now, but its all ok.



Larry Ohio said...

Man, you're a hottie!!

Unknown said...

I had long hair for about 20 years, and once it was cut off, it took forever to get used to having short hair. But I think the short hair looks good, and as long as it is what you wanted, that is a great thing.

Sunny said...

You look great! Your Dad did a nice job.
Sunny :)

keith said...

boy thats some ear lowering job. lol!!! great job dad looks ten years younger. that should help getting a job good luck always your good friend Keith

Rae said...

You look fantastic.

Pat said...

Wow! Does this mean you hit it big in the Lottery? LOL! Seriously, you look MARVELOUS! How come I don't look younger when I get my hair cut?

I agree that it's probably a smart move as far as finding a job.

And as long as this is what you wanted to do.

Anonymous said...

time to re-think your goal. The one about your hair and the money :)

Beth said...

Hey, it looks great!! Nicely done, Mr. McAlister, and I think it's sweet that you made your Dad's day. :)

Lynda said...

You are really good-looking - - - definitely more handsome with short hair. Also, it will be easier to get a tan on your neck and back now! And an added bonus is you and your dad got to spend some quality time together. I have a question -- - - I will look for your email.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Good idea to document it. It was fun to watch.

lelocolon said...

I agree with Misslynda, definitely more handsome with short hair. Woa great transformation. Thank you for letting us in, that moment and your dad too is adorable. High Marks for him too.

Allen said...

@ Larry - Thanks!

@ Howard - I did and didn't want it. But now that its gone, its all good.

@ Sunny - Thank you!

@ Keith - Thanks it feels different.

@ Rae - Thank you very much!

@ Pat - It needed to be done, I believe to find a proper job. It feels different, but I am liking it now.

@ Beth - Yeah he had fun with it. He was smiling alot in the pictures. =o)

@ Miss Lynda - My email addy is on my profile page. Spending quality time with my father is a must. I am glad that my father likes Kevin and Michael too. That always helps.

@ Micheal Rivers - That is what I thought too. When I asked Michael to take pictures for me he asked why. I said it would be great for my site. As I can see it was. Thanks!

@ Lelocolon - I will tell my dad you said that. I am sure he will get a laugh out of it. =o)

Thanks everyone for all the great comments!!!!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen it looks great! Very professional. As everyone mentions you are a cutie anyhow! You and your dad have a great rapport; it looks like you had fun. Good luck on the continued job hunt!

John said...

Wow, what can I say that hasn't already been said LOL. Oh well, it looks great! Your Dad did a great job and I swear you look at least ten years younger! I like the new doo very much!

Allen said...

@ Kyle, thanks My father and I do have a good rapport.

@ John, wow 10 years younger? really?

Mistress Maddie said...

I'm still getting caught up on blog reading! I ca'y believe you did it! I looks very becoming Allen.

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