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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Long Hair

I know that I made a big deal about my goal of not cutting my hair until I made one million dollars.

I made a choice to go ahead and cut my hair even though I have not made my goal. I only made a little over $2000.00 since I started this. It was a tough choice, but honestly, I need to find a professional job, and a professional person, normally does not have long hair.

So I wanted to be honest with everyone. I am cutting my hair today. It will be short again.



Sunny said...

Good luck with your job hunting. You will have to post a picture with your new hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Maybe getting your hair cut will lead to you making a million dollars. You never know!!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, I certainly understand the reasoning. You aren't letting anyone down. You do what you have to do. The job market is really tight right now. Get the haircut, keep the chin up, and good luck with the job hunt today.

Stephen said...

I can't remember what it is like to have hair. Mine was never long, but I did have a huge Afro in the 1970s.

Larry Ohio said...

It's all cool Allen. Consider this: 2,000 U.S. Dollars = 5,484,000 Belarus Rubles, so you got your million after all :-)

Beth said...

Kyle is right--you do what you've gotta do! Besides, with living in Florida, you'd probably have to pull it up into a ponytail, anyway. In hot weather, I can't stand to have my hair down on my neck. Good luck today!

Lynda said...

I agree with Sunny and Michael - - - I want to see the picture that will help land the job that is a stepping stone to the $1,000,000.00!

John said...

I think a new doo is great idea, especially in the new locale. Can't wait to see a new pic.

Anonymous said...


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