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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Schedule

I haven't really gotten a work schedule as of yet. Staples is waiting for my Background Check to come back. The General Manager at Staples told me that it is required by law here in Florida, since the 9/11 attackers were from Florida. I was hoping that I would have heard from them yesterday, but not a word yet.

My Daily Schedule is like this:

Wake up with out an alarm at 7:30 am.
7:45 Make coffee
7:55 Sit out on the patio with my cup of coffee and enjoy watching the sun rising, the ducks visit us every day and yesterday there was a blue jay.
8:30 am, check email, work on my blog.
9:00 am, off to the pool, I swim and work out in the pool. It helps my bad leg that I have. I can do all kinds of exercises that I cannot do out of the water.
11:00 am back to the apartment for a nice shower.
11:30 eat brunch
12:00 check email, make calls.
12:30 to 1:00 pm, go on my daily walk
1:45 pm, check email, and play a video game.
3:45 pm, get ready for Tennis
4:00 pm, be on the court for my tennis class.
5:30 pm, get back and take a shower
6:00 pm, eat supper and watch Ghost Hunters video
7:00 pm, play a video game
10:00 pm, go to bed.

This is just a quick version of what my day is like right now. For the past 3 weeks, I was out looking for a job.

As soon as I get a work schedule, this will all change. But for now, I am enjoying my free time. I am however ready to start working, there are a ton of places that I want to visit, (and blog about them) but it takes money to do those things.

Life is good here, the weather has been so nice. There was only a week that it was "cold". Cold to me is anything under 70 degrees.

Have a great day everyone,


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while you can! :-)

Sunny said...

Enjoy your free time, it will get hectic when you start working, I'm sure.
Have a good day.
Sunny :)

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time. Pretty soon that's just going to be a memory.

Wonder Man said...

just relax

Lynda said...

I agree with the others. Enjoy your time. You deserve a little rest after the move and the job hunting.

Pat said...

I agree. Relax. You won't have much time on your hands with working a couple of jobs. Now you're "Living the Vida Loca" as they say. Or you're living MY life! LOL. Maybe you should work on your high score for SKY Blocks to beat Gypsywoman. (That's me). LOL! You have created a MONSTER!!!!

Sue said...

One of these days you'll look back on all that free time and wonder where it all went!

Allen said...

I have been trying to relax, but honestly I am going stir crazy. I am ready to go, go, go. But as you know that takes money. I have not been the type to "relax".

Oh well. hehe

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