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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Really wanted Starbucks Coffee

Our apartment is on the bottom floor. Our Patio looks at 3 Palm Trees. We just love it.

Kevin and I took off to find a StarBucks Coffee. We finally found one. I was so happy.

I went out today to recheck my car to make sure that I got everything out. Well dummy me I left food in my car (pretzels) and I did not know ants could get into cars, well they can, they were having a bigger party in my car than in my room. Michael said I really need to clean out my car. I agreed with him.



Kyle Leach said...

Allen, your place looks a lot like the place a friend had,who lived in Fort Lauderdale. You have to love the palms.

Lynda said...

Have just had time today to read "my" blogs. You passed within 30 miles of my house when you went through Chattanooga. We are just north of there. The I24-I75 split is horrendous at rush hour. More often than not, people in a hurry cause a wreck and a traffic backup. About the downgrade - - - you must be talking about the area out of Monteagle. Try driving it in a hard rain when moving - - - - been there, done that, too - - - - as well as living in Ft. L over 30 years ago. Glad you are there safely and hope it is all you anticipated. You will not miss shoveling snow!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your vacation!

John said...

Allen, the logo channel has a show called "Bump!" and they did one on Ft. Lauderdale (which made me want to live there) LOL When you get time you might enjoy reading up on your new city at Just type in your city in the search engine there and lots of stuff comes up! Looking forward to your next post!

Allen said...

@ Kyle, oh I do love the Palms. They are a great reminder that I am living way down south. =o)

@ Miss Lynda, When I was going down that hill, I was thinking, how people drove that on a daily basis. I thought that would be just scary trip every day.

@ Howard, Well its no Vacation - Its my new life!!!

@ John, We have truly been having a great time so far. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

Pat said...

Do you know the song, "The ants go marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah,...." I could sing it for you! LOL! Maybe that should be your theme song! You'd better buy some ant traps for your house.

Who knew that they could get into cars? I never heard of that!

The apartment complex looks real nice. Are you done unpacking?

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