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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Did You Hear About Kevin?!?

I am sure most of you did not. He was complaining about abdominal pain 6 days ago. Michael took him to the emergency room, while I stayed home and recovered. (when I hear someone throw up, I follow suit.)

The ER doctor said that he had Pancreatitis and Gallstones. They kept him in the hospital for the past 5 days.

Michael and I gave him this teddy bear. Kevin named him Berry. Kevin said that Berry stayed by his side all the time. He said that the Doctors and Nurses gave him some funny looks.

Michael and I went to the hospital everyday. One day we took games with us. Michael took his lap top and we watched movies on it. Kevin appreciated it.

The surgeon told Kevin that they need to take out his Gallbladder and the surgery would take place on Monday.

On Monday I had to report to work at Staples. I told my GM that Kevin was in the hospital and he was supposed to have surgery today. She said when you find out the time just let me know and you can leave. I was happy that she said that. At 10am Michael called me to let me know his surgery was at 11am, and that he had already been taken down for the surgery. I reported my findings to my GM and she told me that I could leave when I wanted. I told her I was going to stay since he was already in the prep area and I was off in less than 2 hours. I told her that I had my cell phone on so if there was any problems, Michael could call me. She said no problem.

When I arrived at the hospital I went to the surgery waiting room. There sat Michael he told me that he did not hear anything and that the surgery was supposed to take over 2 hours. Michael read a book and I watched the t.v. The Surgeon came into the surgical waiting room, he asked for Kevin's Family. Micheal and I said we are. The Surgeon told us that everything went fine and he was doing good, he said he is going to be in recovery for about an hour.

As soon as we heard the good news, we went out and started calling all his family. After all the calls were done we went up to Kevins room. We waited for about 45 minutes.

Once he was in his room, he apologized to us. He said that when he wakes up from any surgery that his is quite the grump. We told him not to worry about it.

(The flowers are from his ex-wife and kids. Aren't they pretty!)

A grump he was, every nurse that walked in, Kevin was not a happy camper with. Kevin asked me to ask the nurse for some pain meds. I took off to the nurses station and asked about it. She said let me check his chart and I will be right there. We waited for over a half hour for her. Kevin said I am done with this. Michael and I looked at each other. Kevin started taking off the air pump that was on his legs. I said umm what are you doing? Kevin said I know what I have to do to get out of this place and there is no time like the present. He put his feet on the floor and took his IV bag with him. First stop was the restroom, then he said lets go. We followed behind him he walked to the Nurses station, all the nurses at the station was quite shocked to see him out of bed, Kevin asked for the pain pills, she said let me get them for you. He said that would be a good idea!

While on break yesterday, I called Kevin to see how he was feeling, he told me that he was still sore and that he was going to be released at 11 am. I told him I would see him at home when I was done at work.

When I got home, Kevin and Michael was sitting on the patio. Kevin was still in some pain, but he said it was manageable.

Kevin told me today that he is planing on playing a little bit of tennis today. I asked if that was a good idea. He said yes, I have been in bed for over a week and I need to do this. I am not going to be running around, but want to hit the ball for a bit.

I am so happy that he is home and recovering!


Pat said...

At home and recovering and playing tennis are two different things. He really should take it easy. Did he just have the kind of surgery where they suck the gallbladder out of a hole instead of making a large cut in the abdomen? That sure heals a lot faster. If he was cut, then he seriously needs to take it easy. He doesn't want a set back!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, you are such a good friend! I'm glad the surgery went well and that Kevin is feeling better, but try to convince him to take it easy. Whether he feels like it or not, his body needs some time to regroup and heal itself.

Allen said...

@ Pat, He had the type of surgery where they cut 4 small holes in him and sucked the gallbladder out. Yesterday he did not play tennis. He did however take a short walk.

@ Kyle, I agree with you. I do tell him to take it easy, but when he makes up his mind, there really isnt anything I can do to change it.

Bombshell BLISS said...

How completely scary! I'm so glad he is home doing well. I gotta say....what a great boss to be willing to be so flexible.

Allen said...

@ Bliss, My new boss is so very cool. I really like her so far. She seems to be very knowledgeable about Staples and very friendly. Which is not all ways the case with bosses.

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