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Monday, November 30, 2009

Work - Work - Work

Black Friday Night, was a b_tch. Everything that could go wrong did. The b&w high speed machine was printing burn marks in the papers, the folding machine auto feed broke, so I had to hit the manual button 3,000 times. The wide format color printer stopped printing for no reason. The business card in minutes, took more like hours. The software is completely different than I used in Indiana. So It took me about 30 minutes to figure that out. I had people in line that was grumpy. The business cards in minutes card cutter was folding the cards instead of cutting them, so the machine would break every couple of minutes.

At 9:15 the manager came up to me and said are you ready? I said no, I still have these orders to finish. He said leave them we need to go home, he said "I dont want to be here for 15 hours, lets go".

I came home, and went to bed, I had to be back at work at 8 am. Saturday morning was no different, other than I finished the large b&w order of 6,000 b&w folded, and 400 business cards. As the day went on the better it seemed to get. I was still frustrated, but it was getting better. At 2pm when I was getting relived, I told Mr. Bronks (my supervisor) what all took place and he told me next time, to step back and take a deep breath and then move on. Ugh easy for him to say.

Yesterday I had the day off, I played world of warcraft all day with my real live friends. We had a great time. It is what I needed from the past two stressful days. When we were done playing, I checked my email, there in my box was an email from Mr. Bronks, he said " want more hours? you have test to take." I am glad I did not see that earlier, I am glad I just played w.o.w with my friends. Even though I could use the money.

Have a great day all,


Anonymous said...

Wow! You were BUSY!! That sounds so hectic!

Wonder Man said...

It does sound hectic

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, that sounds awful. I'm hoping the whole season isn't like that for you.

Lynda said...

so do you have to take the test before you can work again - - - or if you take the test, you can get increased hours?

Some days our work definitely feels like it is just that - - - WORK. Other days it is fun even though we are getting a lot done.

Anonymous said...

busy busy busy...good you had time with friends;)

John said...

I've worked in retail and in and office and I cannot imagine combining the two! Glad you took some time off for your self and had some W.O.W. with your friends. Hang in there...the holidays will be over before you know it!

Pat said...

You're a survivor of BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Dun, dun, dun....

Hope you have a better week at work :)

I'm addicted to the SKY BLOCKS game, thanks to you. My wrist is killing me from the mouse. Can I send my dr. bills to you for carpal tunnel repair? LOL!

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