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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Broken Car =o(

My car has been loosing brake fluid. I have to now fill it up about once a day. The brakes still works, but it worries me. I spoke to my father and he said to bring it up and he will show me how to put new brakes on and fix the leak.

I spoke with K my GM and she said she would schedule me some days off so that I could go up and work on my car. I really felt bad for asking for time off, cause the morning position is 7 days a week. She told me she could work it out.

This has been fax week. Everyone is faxing resumes this week. And I have printed a bunch of them. I never have met so many people that doesnt know how to use a fax machine. Even though the instructions are on the machine.

All is good,


Lynda said...

You have got an amazing dad. He knows how to cut hair and fix brakes and run a school. God really blessed you with a multi-talented parent.

Sunny said...

I hope 2010 will be a good year for you.
Happy New Year!
Sunny :)

Unknown said...

Thank Gawd for clever Dads, right?

Happy New Year, Allen, I wish for you to have lots of love, laughter and happiness!

Pat said...

I forgot where your Dad lives, but I hope not too far that you have to drive with iffy breaks. Good luck with that!

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