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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

I am sure by now you are tired of me talking about work all the time. But that is what is mostly going on these days. The split shift makes me think I live at Staples. I go in for 1 hour in the morning then I go home. I come back for my normal scheduled shift in the afternoon. Yesterday morning it was cold, when I got to work it was in the upper 40's, every one was in their winter coats. It was a funny site to see. Its been cold here, they say it doesnt normally get this cold down here, but rest assured, it will warm up.

Last night was OMG crazy. Working in the copy center was quite the challenge. I had so many people waiting in line to print, everything xmas. Xmas cards, Xmas letters, Xmas paper. I always ask how soon they would need it. All would say the same, "I needed it last week" and its all was in the whining voice. Like it was stupid for asking. This one family sticks out in my head. They ordered Xmas - Cards. The order was small, but oh my the family outing was crazy. The Dad was a tall man, 6' 7" he seemed to tower over me. He said I need to make xmas cards. I had him choose what cards he wanted from our templates. He then said I want to add my own pictures. I said no problem. He handed me his memory card and we started looking down his many pictures. He said that is the one I want. It was of their daughter, which was in the store walking around unattended (4 or 5 years old) I uploaded his pictures as requested, then he said I want our cards to say this. It was the child's name first, then the mothers name then his name.

The Mother blew a gasket. She was yelling at him, why is her name first, it should be my name. He stood there for about one second and told her to shut up. She walked one direction, while the daughter walked another, and then man, said I will be back in a few to pick these up. He left the store.
I just don't get it anymore. Why do people stress out so much for a commercial holiday? I stopped giving a rats ass over Christmas. I don't expect presents, and I don't give them out. I give out gifts out of the blue, so when the person receives them they remember when I gave it to them. I don't want them to expect it. I do however try my best on the "holiday" to give them a call or send them a text or email, but never gifts.

I expect that the rest of this week is going to be crazy. I assume I will be busy, trying to make everyone happy. But am I really making them happy? Not really, they can just mark an item off their list.

Just do me a favor, remember the people that serve you, they are more than likely just as stress as you are in this busy Holiday Season.



John said...

Hi Allen, as for me, I don't grow tired of your work related posts. I worked in retail in high school and college and worked most of the rest of my life as a retail florist. I totally get where you are coming from. I think working in retail takes the fun out of it for us, but that is ok. We are working, right?!

That one hour shift though you are working really sucks and I wouldn't hesitate to complain about that. There used to be this thing called "report in pay" where you would get paid a minimum of like 4 hours. Of course there was no law enforcing it. It was just common courtesy. Now with jobs so scarce, it seems to me like employers can just take advantage at every chance (no lunch, etc). So people like us spend our days making sure everyone has the best shopping experience possible and of course a Merry Christmas. Then we go home and crash. I'll be thinking of you this week! Merry Christmas.

Sunny said...

Hi Allen,
Just popping in to say hello and Merry Christmas to you.
I've enjoyed reading all your adventures since your move.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

People do get crazy this time of year!! I always hated working with couples who would start to argue. Get over it!

Kyle Leach said...

Hi Allen, I like your work related posts. I worked in retail for some time, years back, so I can empathize. It is too bad you live in a state where you won't get paid a minimum of 4 hours for having to go in for that hour. That sucks. The season is almost over don't let the crazies get to you.

Jo said...

Well said, Allen, and it NEEDED to be said. I always feel the sorriest for the people who have to deal with rude shoppers--people working retail and waiters/waitresses especially get the brunt of it.

This year I made it easier on myself and everyone else: gift cards and on-line purchases. I didn't once go to the mall and I sent mostly E-greetings in the form a newsletter to family and friends.

I fear these next few days will be more of the same for you but I hope it will ease up some so that you, too, can get some peace and enjoyment from the holidays.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, sweet one.

Love ya!
'Diary Of A Sad Housewife'

Lynda said...

If those people acted that way in public, can you imagine how much worse it would be to be in the same house with them 24/7? Oh my - - how very sad. We are fortunate in our home to enjoy being with each other.
Too bad you don't work in a Staples near me. I am a very easy customer to deal with. I guess it has something to do with having worked with the public for MANY years. The only cashiers I don't like to deal with are the (usually very young) persons who act like you have interrupted their text messaging because you have items to check out!!!!

Stephen said...

Happy Holidaze!
Thanks for sharing your life with your readers... best wishes from Portland!

Pat said...

Well- you knew who was #1 in THAT man's life! Maybe the little girl was from his first marriage or something. Sounds like there was some jealousy going on. Working with the public gives you blog fodder!

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