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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gas Milage In Florida

As most of you know, I drive a Geo Metro. Back in Indiana I was averaging 58 miles to the gallon. But here its worse. I am getting 31.5 miles to the gallon. The state legislators decided to make it a law that 10% ethanol will be put into all gas here.

I have a 3 cycle engine as you can see above. Michael said that I might have gotten less since it was storming on the way to my dads house. He might be right, but gezzz that is a huge loss.

Michael said that his mileage went down too, he was getting 25 mpg and is now getting 18. Kevin said that he has noticed a loss too. He was getting 35 mpg and is now getting 25 mpg.

I believe that its the combination of both, the gas and the weather. The thing about the ethanol is, it cost the same ($2.77 a gallon) as the gas without it. I think that the law needs to be changed. To allow us Americans to have a choice if we want the ethanol or not.



Lynda said...

We have a choice in TN - - depending on the station you use. My '94 Concorde will NOT run well on 10% ethanol. Mechanics said that some older cars cannot do well with ethanol unless they have some kind of gas converter part. However, our newer Sonata can run with it. In fact, it was recommended we use the BP which is Amoco gas - - I think. Whatever. It IS VERY frustrating though that most of the stations have ethanol. Government regulations - - - no comment. But it's still the greatest country in the world!

Allen said...

Miss Lynda, hmm a Converter part. I will have to check on that. Maybe that is what I need to fix my problem. Thanks Lynda

Rae said...

Hi Allen.
Seems like a cheap shot by the state. You should have a choice in what gas you use. Glad to hear you got your car fixed and had a nice visit with your dad. Hope you are doing well.

Pat said...

Is ethanol better for the environment or is it put into the gasoline because it's cheaper? I don't think it's right that you don't have a choice. Every state we have traveled so far gives us a choice.

Allen said...

Rae, Hey glad to see you again. It is a cheap shot by the state. I think its lining someones pocket.

Pat, I think they say its better for the environment, but I still think we should have a choice.


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