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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What did she say?

The cashier today stopped me and told me of a lady that was complaining that I did not smile at her. She told the cashier that she wanted to talk to the store manager. The cashier called for a manager. This woman turned to him and said that I did not smile at her and the cashier was just rude. The cashier said, I was trying not to yell at her, cause I was friendly with her.

Lets go back before I met this woman. It was 1:20pm, I had no breaks and had not eaten all day, I was starving. I asked management if I could go to lunch and he agreed. I went out and bought my lunch and brought it in and went to the break room. I was just about to sit down to eat, when the manager asked that I see him in the copy center. So off to the copy center I went.

I met with the manager and he said he was sorry for pulling me off lunch, but the man at the counter, said that the order he had done was wrong and it was on the wrong card stock. I went to the man and asked what was wrong. He said these business cards are crap and pushed them to me. I looked them over and said what is wrong, he said they are not on the proper card stock. I took him a sheet of card stock that we use and showed him it was in fact the same card stock. He then proceeds to tell me that he called Corporate and told them that we did not do the right job and he was supposed to have a 50% discount for his job. The manager already heard his stupid story and was checking the email system for an email from Corporate. There was not one there.

The manager came back to the counter to let the man know that there was no email from Corporate and that he could not give him a discount with out the authorization. The man left the cards and stormed out of the building. The manager told me I could go back to my lunch now.

I started to head back to eat my lunch, just as I passed the first isle, I hear a woman say, "do you work here?" I said yes and proceeded to head to my lunch. She said I need your help, but she said it in a loud voice. I turned around and did not say anything. I walked over to her and took a deep breath and said what are you looking for? She said " You did not smile at me!!!" Again I asked what are you looking for? She wanted a large marker. I said you will have to buy 3, we don't sell singles. She stormed off. I started to head back to my lunch and was stopped 2 more times before I made it there. Fast food nuked is nasty.

I had one guy come in and said I want 300 copies for .06 cents each. I said sir, I have worked here for 3 years and its never been .06 cents each. He said, " I am in here all the time and its always .06 cents." I said sir - I have been in this store for 3 months and 7 days a week. I have never saw you before today. I know for a fact that copies are not .06 cents. I even printed him a copy of the prices. He also stormed out.

I had a regular girl come in today. She wanted her normal, 25 copies 2 sided, folded and stapled. They were for her church. I did them in record time. When she returned she complained so much that I thought she was going to blow a gasket. She was not complaining about the job, she was complaining that I was not in the copy center when she arrived. (like I can be in 6 places at once) She even said " I am going to office depot from now on."

I just don't understand what was wrong with people today. Everyone that entered the building was angry. I mean everyone. I did not encounter one person that was in a good mood. I thought it was just me, but after talking with my co-workers they said the same thing.

Happy times are here now, I am at home. =o)


Unknown said...

Wow... some really colourful characters around that place!!!!

Larry Ohio said...

Geez Allen, that really sucks. It looks like you better Botox a perma-smile on your face then clone yourself.

Unknown said...

I love when people in bad moves want to complain that others are not perky enough...

Bombshell BLISS said...

Why are people the most cranky on Sunday? Weird. Hugs to you Allen! I worked for three months in retail and literally walked off the job when a customer was going off on me and the assistant manager started yelling too. I don't know how you do it friend!

Lynda said...

Isn't there some kind of aroma therapy you can do on those people? Like have an air mister with a lavender scent as they walk in the door. Lavender is supposed to be calming. Perhaps you can find a cologne that works like that! Then you would be the favorite employee - - - - unless people have allergies!

John said...

And all the customers think "the customer is always right." Don't you get tired of hearing that! ....such B.S.! It was probably a full moon. It's a new week, so hopefully things will be better this week.

I have a tad of advice too that I learned over the years...try to bring your lunch AND snacks. You can at least grab a bite more often, if you have already there. You will eat healthier and save money. I very rarely eat fast food anymore and have saved a fortune!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen that was horrible. I'm so sorry you had to go through a day like that. When I was a manager in retail years ago I'd have to run interference for those employees coming back to eat their lunch, especially if they went out for fast food. Customers don't see associates as people, they see them as resources. Customers are like zombies; they have no feelings, no remorse, they are relentless, and they only want your brain.

Pat said...

Was there a full moon (I first typed fool moon by mistake! LOL!) that night? That's when a lot of people act odd. I found a cartoon smile on a stick that I like to keep around the library and hold up to my face when I didn't feel like smiling!

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