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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its Official - Kevin is working at Staples too!

About a month ago, K the store manager asked if I knew anyone that was looking for a job. I said yes both of my room mates needs work. She hired Michael. Michael is our tech. The manager told me that he is the best they ever had.

Yesterday, the manager asked if I knew anyone looking for a job. Again I said yes. Kevin had his interview yesterday and his first day is tomorrow.

You would think that all of living and working together would be hard. But even with Michael and I, we only see each other in passing. I am sure it will be the same with Kevin too. We all work in different areas.

I am excited that I could get both of them on with me. I think it will be fun.

Yesterday I was off work, I slept most of the day, which I needed.

Today I worked in the copy center, it was not busy at all. Pretty easy work. At least the people that I encountered was nice.

I did have this sweet older lady, came up and asked me where expandable folders were. I said they are way over on the other side of the store. I said let me show you. I took off in high speed, then I realized that she was way behind me. I stopped and walked back to her and said where are my manners. I held out my arm, and she complied, she put her arm in mine, I slowly walked her to the files. She said is this normal? I said no its just special for you. I smiled really big and she did too.



Larry Ohio said...

Awww, that's a really great story about the old lady. Congratz to Michael and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

You guys are going to take over the store! LOL.

Allen said...

Larry, at the time I thought it would be fun. She loved it

Michael, I asked K yesterday if she can handle 90% gay staff, and she said she loves gay men. woot. We are calling it our Rainbow Store. heeh

Wonder Man said...

Take over :)

Lynda said...

That's so sweet about the older lady. It really doesn't take much to encourage someone. So glad that you had nice customers for a day!

John said...

Allen that is so nice of you how you went above the call of duty helping that older lady. I do the same thing. I really think what comes around goes around so watch out! LOL everybody saying you guys are taking over the store! Keep up the good work! The Staples in my town won't do jack sh*t for you. You want photo copies they point you to the machine! I didn't even know they did all the copy center work! I don't know if ours does or not, because they are so rude. But the rest of the store, especially electronics, they will go out of their way to help you and answer questions. That is why I have bought so many computer products there, including a notebook computer, printers, etc! But the copy center here, they need training bad!

Pat said...

I think you are an exemplary employee! What a charmer you are indeed! That must have made that old lady's day!

I'm glad your friends are working with you - as long as you work in different areas. Because I don't care how good of friends you are - too much closeness is not a good thing at times. Just ask me - I'm living in 400 sq. ft. with my hubby 24/7. I'm just saying..... :)

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